Going Abroad to get A Broad IS NOT going your own way…

….each time I check so-called MiGTOW spaces, those places seem to go further down the sewer……one common trope is “going abroad to get a broad.”

…how the fuck is this going your own way????

They will say things like “asian womyn are traditional and submissive.”

“They haven’t ridden the cock carousel.”

“They haven’t been ruined by feminism…”


And they will often have links to fraudsters like Captain Capitalism and Steve Sailer on the sidebar of their blogs…

From my point of view doesn’t seem very manly to travel for women be that wives or hookers.  Or is that hooker-wives?The whole point of Going Your Own Way is to VALUE yourself as a man….

Hucksters like Aaron Sleazy and Rookh Kshatriya just want to sell books and they don’t care if their “product” is damaging to low status men.

3 thoughts on “Going Abroad to get A Broad IS NOT going your own way…

  1. Third world women are not “submissive.”

    Getting someone to work and provide for you is not the definition of submissive. It is the man who is the sub.

    To be honest, if these guys get used by third world women, I do not care anymore. Let them get crushed.

  2. There is no group more obsessed with women than MGTOWs. How is it going your own way if you’re like a horse with blinders only seeing women, only talking about women, only thinking about women, getting furious whenever a man wants to talk about anything other than women?

    MGTOWs don’t offer ANY alternative to the fucking mainstream (anymore). They slavishly worship the mainstream, everything’s fine and dandy EXCEPT for women, and once you want to discuss anything other than women they start screeching and screaming.

    This is one of the reasons why most people don’t give a flying fuck about MGTOW anymore, and most MGTOW sites are rightfully dead. Say what you want about feminists but these “intersectional” feminists are RIGHT about the fact that no woman is ONLY a woman.

    Same with men: no man is ONLY a man. It MAKES a difference if you are, for instance, LGBTBBQPIIAFRTZ+ or not, if you are rich or not etc. MGTOWs, like a horse with blinders, are of course too blind to see that. They only see the situations in which it might not make a difference. But the fact that there are some situations in which it doesn’t make a difference, doesn’t mean there are ONLY situations in which it doesn’t make a difference if you’re rich or poor, rainbow-colored or not.

    So, fuck MGTOW. Screw them.

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