white trashionalism


4 thoughts on “white trashionalism

    1. My guess is that Jackie D, Crapped his pants Captialism and Dickie Spencer will get loaded, put on some KKK outfits, burn some crosses and lite themselves on fire when Jackie D spills the gasoline and Crappity Crapitalism lites his CeeGar…

  1. What about Cernovich, Molyneaux and Posobiec? They seem to have enemies on the left and right? In any case, it will be amusing to watch that particular freak show when things become interesting.

    1. My prediction is that Cernovich will buy bad ‘roids from Joe Rogan that cause him to grow massive manboobs (bigger than Forney’s), Molyneaux will convince Ivana to defoo from the Trump family and will get a beatdown from Kushner, Posobiec will go full “Kate” Jenner and get ‘lil Jack lopped off, thus causing Jagof Don-0-van, Icky Andrew Anglin and Dicky Spencer to cry to the M(h)RAm that they were raped in their white only bathhouse by him because he wasn’t really a he in his heart. Typhone Blue and all the fraudster M(h)RA’s like Paulie Boi Elam will cry about what vyctym’s they are.

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