HBD as a precusor to violence…

Alright, we all know HBD is pseudoscience, so why does the alt-right hold on to this as a core belief of their topsy turvy “ideology?” My hypothesis is this, if they can say a certain group of men are less than human–and with the alt-reich, it is men that are the target of their racism. Well, if they can say that, then the next step is for them to convince society that these men do not need to be treated as human beings and can be hunted down and murdered without reprisal.

Do you really think that when some scuzzball like Dickie Spencer talks about a white eth-No-state that he would hand a guy like me a million bucks to relocate anywhere I wanted?  He might not explicitly say it but we all know whats more likely to happen is that I would be forced to leave my place of residence with the business end of a shotgun in my face.

Look at what Dickie’s NPI lapdog, Jagoff Donovan writes:

“Violence is the gold standard, the reserve that guarantees order. In actuality, it is better than a gold standard, because violence has universal value. Violence transcends the quirks of philosophy, religion, technology and culture. People say that music is a universal language, but a punch in the face hurts the same no matter what language you speak or what kind of music you prefer. If you are trapped in a room with me and I grab a pipe and gesture to strike you with it, no matter who you are, your monkey brain will immediately understand “or else what.”  And thereby, a certain order is achieved.”

Big Bubba, er, Jack Donovan finishes this dozy with:

“It’s time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don’t, someone else will.”

You really gotta be disturbed when these liberals who care about you less than the fetus that got aborted yesterday tell you that guns are bad.  You gotta worry when they tell you that you shouldn’t be armed.  Just mossy on over to Stormfront, you think those guys don’t visit the shooting range? You think those guys don’t sharpen knives without fantasising about slicing open human flesh? If you believe the lies that liberals tell then you probably actually believe feminism is about “equality.”

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