The Alt-Reich is built on a house of cards…

It’s quite entertaining to watch this “fallout” between the “alt-right” and the “alt-lite.”

Apparently the simplest division can be that the “alt-lite” believes in nationalism based on “western culture.” Now one is going down a rabbit hole if they try to define “western culture.”  There may be academic definitions and personal ones.  Is Mozart part of “western culture?”  I suppose.  But is Tchaikovsky?  I’m no scholar, so I don’t know.  Are Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung “western philosophers?”  Is Friedrich Nietzsche? I’m not sure.  And I’m not sure if “western culture” needs saving or is even worth saving.

Now on the side of the “alt-right,” they believe in nationalism based on race. Hahaha. Maybe you can already see this “house of cards” that is about to fall.  The question becomes whom is white?  Is Kim K with her big derrière? Is Nina Byzantina, Dickie Spencer’s estranged wife a white woman?  Just remember the Nazi’s didn’t consider Slav’s aryan.   Imagine that, Dickie Spencer’s daughter may be mixed race.  Essentially a mut like me, hahahahaha.  That’s if it s even his daughter.  With that lisp and those NPI afterparty’s, there’s a good chance that Nina had to, ahem, get a sperm sample from another man.  And maybe Dickie says “cuck” all the time because of some form of psychological projection. Heck, at one time Finns with blonde hair and blue eyes were considered Mongols and not whites.  And Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz sure look like white girls too me. Okay, so building a movement on “whiteness” is about as clever as building a movement on “phrenology,” “HBD,” “game,” or any other pseudoscience.  Let’s blow over their house of cards and expose them for the fraudulent idiots they are!