…no remorse…

okay, listen to this…



he says he doesn’t want to sound like a “victim” all the while obfuscating the fact he robbed someone at gunpoint…

“On Nov. 11, 2007, only a month home from his second tour in Iraq and after a night of drinking, Nathan held a gun to cab driver Changiz Ezzatyar’s head and robbed him of $43.”


Notice one thing that is never in any of what he says-remorse.

So is this guy gaslighting?  A full on narcissist? Remember one of the cornerstone’s of alt-reich thinkers is that they are “superior” because of “HBD” and better impulse control.  Doesn’t seem like this guy has that.  Let’s expose these fuckers for the scumbags they are.

4 thoughts on “…no remorse…

  1. Well it’s obviously because he spent all that time around those sand niggers. They must’ve rubbed their dirty genes off onto him. Even more reason to purify our white homeland from the Brown Peril!

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