A case study on why liberals are so despicable: Bill Maher


Take a look at his finger wagging, you didn’t vote for crooked Hillary, now we have evil Donald:


Quite frankly, Trump may be the worst President we ever had but y’know, this halfbreeed thinks Hillary would’ve been even worse…

Hahaha, I’m not a fan of the whole “white privilege” diatribe, and, infact if the alt-right has done one good thing, it is attack that narrative.  (Yes, you actually heard me compliment the alt-right, what’s this fucking world coming too.)

However, apparently, if you are part of the Hollyweird elite, there’s one set of books for you and another set of books for everyone else…






Obviously this doofus is unable to be “schooled” even after letting Ice Cube (a man who made a career using the word whitey ain’t allowed to say) berate him…

This N Korean thing is getting tense! I mean, I think it is, I’m on vaca. The ladies at my nail salon are freaking out, that’s what I know!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Creepy Bill just luvvs Asian womyn.

And as unmanly as ‘lil Bill seems, he doesn’t seem meterosexual enough to get his nails done.  Haha, maybe “nail salon” is a euphemism for “massage parlor” and maybe he pays lots for those “happy endings.”

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