…the paradox of “MGTOW”…

Okay, we’ve seen feminist make comments along the line of “If MGTOW are really going their own way, why don’t they, like, ride their motorcycle into the sunset and stop complaining endlessly about “going their own way.”

The retort so-called MGTOW give is that they need to warn other men about the dangers of marriage.

Now as someone who has spent far too much time reading this stew of resentment known as “the MGTOW community,” I feel like saying that I didn’t turn against them because of what feminists said.  I didn’t turn against them because of what M(h)RA’s said.  I didn’t turn against them because I think marriage or cohabitation is a good idea.  It turned against them, well, because of them.  I don’t even think that Stardusk or Barbarossa are interested in creating content that helps low status men.  I’ve seen the “libertarian tough guy” comments go unchallenged where all the Silicon Valley Software programmers with their six figure salaries describe an “ideal” society where three year olds would be left to starve in the streets.  C’mon man, even a pack of stray dogs has more morality than you guys.

Now onto their talk of women.  If they really were going their own way, after a certain point, would they need to talk about women?  I mean, I’ve never had a woman try to shove a ring on my finger, so it’s pretty easy to stay unmarried.  But I’m sure it’s just because I am not as tall and handsome as Ziggy Stardusk and BarBarabroski who get hit on with marriage propsals every time they walk out the door.  There is something potentially liberating about a MGTOW lifestyle.  You realize that you don’t need as much cash as the guy next to you because you aren’t paying for dates.  You don’t need a fancy ride or fancy clothes to impress women.  You don’t drop cash at stripper clubs or visit hookers.  So, that means you can work less hours or put that extra cash into cool shit like guns and guitar amplifiers.  You free up time.  You can do other things than chase women and hang out with pussyhounds discussing “notches.”

So why are so-called MGTOW spaces so obsessed with talking about women?  I understand the dangers of marriage.  I understand that I should avoid drunk women.  I understand that I should never make a joke that seems innocent around a female co-worker.  But you go to a MGTOW forum and these guys seem more girl crazy than an 80’s rock band like Van Halen.  There are tons of other forums where guys congregate where they hardly talk about women.  They talk about guns, they talk about guitars, they talk about music recording, they talk about psychedelic drugs.  So aren’t these guys (even if they are married) more going their own way than “MGTOW’s?” The impression I get is most these guys are failed PUA’s or punters/mongers.  These guys are as obsessed with women as the stormfront doofuses are obsessed with Jews.  Wouldn’t one think that after a certain point, they’d have other things to talk about?  Wouldn’t they choose to be asexual if such a thing were as simple as flicking a switch?

Again, I am not disputing a certain aspect of MGTOW or discussions that things can be dangerous for low status men in modern society.  I am not questioning the assaults on MGTOW from feminists and M(h)RA’s who hate low status men.  What I am questioning is the sincerity of the guys who call themselves MGTOW.

7 thoughts on “…the paradox of “MGTOW”…

    1. “This sub, r/MGTOW, isn’t some phony, PR-designed sales pitch to show you the wonderful life you will have if you just take the redpill and go your own way. If that’s what you are looking for, a sales pitch to convince you that we hold the secret to your unlocked potential, a perfectly polished façade that shares stories about bungie jumping, selfie moments, loads of cash, bikini-clad pumps and dumps on beaches, retirements by 40, and all of that crap, go to the PUAs on r/TheRedPill.”

      Ironically, I got just that sales pitch from a dude named Max Hydrogen:


      another point, is after a man gains some semblance of freedom, what is he to do ruminate or find ways to find contentment in that very freedom. I choose the latter.

      1. >Max Hydrogen

        yeah, that article is clickbaity as fuck

        >after a man gains some semblance of freedom, what is he to do ruminate or find ways to find contentment in that very freedom

        Most of the older members are still healing or might never recover from their traumas, while others are only in for the karma whoring. I’m younger and lucky enough to have avoided the minefield of marriage, I still decided to start a MGTOW blog in my native language so lower status men (who don’t even speak English) can also be freed from gynocentrism (if they choose to leave). You see, MGTOW isn’t big in Hungary despite the 67% divorce rate and sterilization being mostly illegal.

      2. “a divorce rate of 67%? Wow, that’s more than the USA….”

        Of course, alt-right dudes shut the fuck up about that while indiscriminately praising eastern Europe as White Man’s last haven.

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