“Sex Pozzy” really ain’t all that Pozzy…

Here is a must read article.  A guy who got involved with a woman “more violent than him” wound up in the big house.  Then worked as an editor for a “sex” newspaper.

“Almost all female “sex workers” seemed to hate the men for whom they were paid to preen and smile?and this was never considered “biting the hand that feeds them.” The more these miserable shlubs worshipped and idealized the strippers, the more the strippers mocked them. One busy lady who worked as a stripper, jack-shack model and call girl told me in confidence that she enjoys the power she feels over these poor tricks. She enjoyed humiliating them and made no mention that her job might be degrading to her. She thought, like I do, that it’s much more degrading for the tricks.

Who came up with the insane idea that it’s more degrading to be paid for sex than to pay for it?”


“So I developed a hearty contempt for all these goddess-artists. I despised the johns, too, but my loathing was tempered with some bemused pity. I didn’t pity the girls. I didn’t see how sex workers were any more exploited than any other worker. And I sure as fuck couldn’t feel sorry for girls who earned in a five-hour shift what I made in a week.”

Next time some libertarian tough guy “incel” dude tries to tell you if only prostitution was legal and poor Elliot could get his dick wet no one woulda been murdered, just point him to the following article.  Somehow I think if Rodgers was a regular to these places, his killing spree woulda been even more sadistic.  Next time some feminist rants about “Nice Guys” and brags that she is a cam gurl, just shoot over the following article.  Must be nice working a few hours and making more cash than a low status man makes all week.  If you are such a “victim,” why don’t you work at Subway.  Oh, right, that would be beneath you.

4 thoughts on ““Sex Pozzy” really ain’t all that Pozzy…

  1. >if only prostitution was legal

    It’s legal here and it makes no fucking difference whatsoever. Guys are still shamed for it, and that “prostitutes are only good for sex and nothing else ‘unlike other womyn'” propaganda is strong enough to have simps jump through hoops instead of just paying for sex.

  2. LOL you’ve got to put that into context,they still hate men,but less and they also can stand having sex with them for adequate pay,as far as women go that’s possibly the best you can get.

  3. As you know, I prefer escorts. Having said that, escorts born in N. America should be avoided for the reasons you list in your post. Of course, this does not imply that escorts born outside N. America are always great.

    Also, I do perceive sex with escorts as analogous to eating at a decent restaurant. In other words, I have close to no loyalty or emotional attachment to any given individual.

    One more thing, it is a well known fact among those who use escorts that ex-strippers who go into escorting are to avoided at all costs as they have the worst attitudes (by a huge margin).

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