Strange Dream…

This morning, I woke up vividly remembering a dream and also glad that it had ended…

I must’ve began a new job and somehow was in an immaculate hotel suite.  This is not something I could afford on my own and was unsure if I was here because my company was holding a party for the employees or holding a party to woo a big client.  I was speaking to a woman who was presumably a co-worker.  The conversation was forced and awkward. We were both trying to act super polite to each other and giving each other fake smiles.  Guests started rolling in.  I was super nervous and someone offered me a beer which I finished in one sip.  The woman whom I had the awkward conversation began peeling off her clothes.  At first I was alarmed but then I thought that there must be some social customs which I was unaware.  There was a lavish pool and hot tub in the corner of the room and maybe it was considered normal to swim naked.  I had moved across the room but when I looked back, my view was partially obstructed by some pillars.  She was now grinding against  one of the guests and another guest had unzipped and was stroking himself.   At this point I realized all the guests were gruff looking men. I felt a huge sense of dread and wanted to leave.  I headed towards the door, one of the guests said, “Free pussy, are you gay or something?”  I just said I needed some air.

Outside, I sat on a bench.  The air was warm and humid and the sky was overcast.  I realized I wasn’t wearing a shirt and was in a tattered pair of pants.  A beautiful dog wandered up to me.  She was a small husky with a mix of wolf.  She acted as if she knew me and began licking my hand.  She jumped up on the bench next to me and rested her ear against my heart.  I petted her neck and other ear.  I felt intensely loved.  This was a non sexual love but more intimate than I could imagine ever feeling towards a human woman.  I felt safe. I also felt as if we were one being and I wasn’t sure if she was here to protect me or I was here to protect her but I felt that we were one entity and if one of us was hurt, the other would suffer even more.

Another woman walked up, I vaguely knew her as a supervisor or the company owner’s wife.  She said, “How adorable, look at you and your Best Friend Forever.”  She started teasing, “You should put a pic with her on your PoF profile.  Awe, maybe not, no self-respecting woman wants to be second place to a pooch.” She then asked, “So how come you aren’t at the party?”

“Uh, I needed some air.  Um, and, uh, it got really weird.”

“Really weird?”  She asked.

“Uh, I don’t know how to say this.  –It turned, um, it turned into an orgy.”

“Haha, I’m a big girl I can handle myself.  See you in the party.”  She said as she wandered off.  I was unsure if she thought I was playfully joking or if the joke was on me and I was supposed to be enjoying the sex party like a “real man.”

I continued petting the dog and she seemed to be extremely relaxed.  I felt a sense of peace.  The woman ran out.  She was in tears. With one eye I could see her.  With the other eye I could see into the hotel room and saw a bloody dead woman lying on a bed.  (Imagine looking through a telescope with one eye and keeping your other eye open and seeing the images superimpose on one another.) Her head had been smashed like a pumpkin the day after Halloween.   I was worried that the supervisor woman was going to accuse me of the murder or blame me for not protecting the woman.  My only witness was the dog.  I was sure the dog would vouch for me 100% but I knew the dog couldn’t speak even in a dream.

I awoke and was happy that I would not have to have an uncomfortable conversation with the cops.  I also missed the dog.  I felt really groggy and even though I remembered the dream, felt as if I got very little sleep.