Can you trust a corporation for free speech?

By now you are probably hearing about Net Neutrality.

We have seen Milo Y rant about his free speech being limited on Twitter.

Apparently, the philosopher patriarch Jordan Peterson had some trouble with his Youtube account.

Here is an interesting video:


At one point when I was floating around on the edges of “MGTOW” spaces, someone suggested I start a Youtube channel.  I resisted the idea for a couple of reasons.  It could increase the likelyhood that I might be doxxed (as if I am even worth doxxing anyways.) I felt that I wouldn’t be able to convey my ideas as effectively in a spoken word format or a “podcast” format.  I felt that Youtube (along with Twitter) was a place to oversimplify ideas.  For example, “reaction videos” were less effective (or perhaps more effective if you are a fast talker) than distilling ideas via written word.  I do feel though that Youtube can be effective for showing hot to do a say, a basic guitar repair and be more effective than an article.  However, the most important reason was that a corporation was now in control of your content.  Now if you were to be blocked, perhaps you could move over to Vimeo but how many viewers would migrate with you?  And if you were expecting revenue from Youtube, well you are now starting from scratch.  Sure, using a blog host like wordpress could potentially have similar issues, but it would be a bit easier to start over on, say blogspot.  And self hosting is an option that isn’t readily available for video content.  Those libertarian tough guys, er, I mean MGTOW’s seemed awfully trusting of a corporation to host their “controversial” content.  The corporation can shut the water off for virtually any reason.  So the question becomes how do you find decentralized methods for sharing information?  I know the technology exists and it would essentially be peer-to-peer networks ala Napster where data could be transferred.  But the question becomes, were would online denizen’s meet before they decided to “decentralize?”  I’m surprised the  MGTOW guys haven’t discussed this before.  Maybe they were too busy being tough guys and not really going their own way.  Alright, I’m just taking cheap shots now….

8 thoughts on “Can you trust a corporation for free speech?

  1. These are all owned by the same company:


    As for these decentralized methods of information … I think some of them are already here (gab and voat) but the real problem is that they become terrible echo chambers. I registered on both of these platforms recently and they are huge echo chambers like on /pol/. But with less discussion, since the format of twitter and reddit isn’t so discussion-focused as the 4chan system. So it’s simply boring.

    I really hate this tendency of everything becoming an echo chamber.

  2. I miss the olden days with old-fashioned vbulletin discussion boards and a great diversity of users. It’s not long ago that discussion boards such as these, very active, very diverse users, existed. But it didn’t really survive social media, liberals and censorship.

    1. yeah, I heard the “MGTOW” guys tried to create a private forum and it turned into some PUA dick measuring contest. It’s really unfortunate how everyone is afraid of different ideas and something that may “trigger” them. Not just a “leftist” thing, there was McCarthysim in “the good ole days.”

  3. And that is also why I did not start a YouTube channel for my blog. You should not give any third-party that much power over your life.

    Also, ideas diffuse through the internet anyway- especially if you know how to facilitate such “diffusion”. I mean.. I have had over a million hits on my posts (in all) about using escorts + why escorts are better than women etc.

    Sure.. it took a few years- but it achieved far more that I could done with a few clickbaity YouTube videos. Also, the costs of private video hosting are starting to go down to point where it will slowly but surely displace YouTube.

  4. Jordon Peterson is a fucking cunt.

    The only way to stop corporations forming monopolies and abusing their power, is to limit there power legally.

    When you do that, right wing nut jobs throw a bitch fit and cry.

    Then they will whine about the results of the free market, and then blame it on a communist conspiracy.

    1. This does seem to be a blind spot with these guys. The might give an example on how a baker should not be obligated to bake a cake for a gay marriage. Then when their “free speech” is interrupted by a corporation, they fail to see that said corporation would have arbitrary moderation and “act in the interest of the shareholders” rather than their interests. I can only guess that these right wingers secretly think corporate America has their back until they don’t. But anyone who complains about corporations is an “evillle leftist.”

      1. Fascists are just scared libertarians, and antisemitism is the anti-capitalism of the fools.

        Once a libertarian is getting scared and it dawns on him that this monopolized mega-capital has completely other interests than to preserve a white middle-class or whatever, they turn into fascists and believe that giving (((them))) free helicopter rides will solve all economic issues.

        Apart of that, they still fetishize inequality and poverty, of course. For other people. Which is one of the reasons why Catholicism is increasingly popular in alt-right circles. After all, no Protestant denomination has ever fetishized inequality and poverty as much as Catholicism. They have made a total cult out of this fixed “Everyone at his proper place”-hierarchy since centuries.

        Libertarianism + Fascism + Catholicism … match made in heaven. Or hell.

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