OMG, Did Metallica Disown the Alt-Reich

For the libertarian tough guys, how can you not like this???


I stumbled upon this Metallica Video:


And it looks like they say it (or some variation) every show now…

uh, oh, I guess Dickie Spencer and Jagoff Donovan will not be listening to any Metallica anytime soon…



7 thoughts on “OMG, Did Metallica Disown the Alt-Reich

  1. The stance of Tankcsapda (one of the biggest Hungarian rock bands) is similar: they are always careful to be politically neutral as there’s enough division among us already…

    BTW, the front man is a MGTOW-ish guy (while the other band members are married cucks), and he recently started fucking a TV celebrity, but he told her if she told anyone he’d kick her ass out. So what happens next? The cunt talks about their “relationship” on TV… she was kicked out the same day.

      1. They were a punk band when they begun, soon they turned to rock, and later they tried sounding more mainstream (poppish shit). The one you linked was the beginning of the shitty era. 😀 The guitarist was replaced in 2012 and they’ve turned heavier (nu-metalish) since then.

        A vast improvement, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Google management really screwed the pooch by firing that James Damore guy. They could have just ignored it and let things slide, but no.. they had to make a show out it. Also this has come at almost the same time both the left and right have started to complain, pretty loudly, about Google policies on everything from YouTube to comment filtering.

    Between this series of incidents, the ongoing NK crisis and the generally carnival like political atmosphere in USA, we are living in interesting times.

    1. It’s funny because all the libertarian tough guys seemed Pro-corporate ‘Murrikka even a few months (or was it days ago.) 1984 is happening and it’s not so much the gov’t (hiya NSA) we gotta worry about but hypocritical corporations. I saw a picture where Mark Zuckerbeg has the camera on his laptop covered with tape yet his company is incredibly invasive with user “privacy.” It will be funny to watch the “right wingers” turn on their beloved corporate ‘Murrikka. Do you think we will see Berniepoops Chapin and Crappedhispants Capitalism wearing “Fight for $15” shirts any time soon.

    1. That article correctly points out men’s “loneliness” but does not hint at any underlying causes. The men that died in the heatwave probably wouldn’t have been very welcome and would be labelled “creepy” if they went out and tried to make friends. There is literally a very different experience in day-to-day living from a “desirable” and a low status “undesirable.” The author seems to make the same condescending assumptions made by the weirdoes at The Goofy Chump Project that if low status men were more like womyn and gays their problems would melt away. In fact this touches on why the M(H)RAM will ultimately fail. It’s not that men need more rights per se, it’s that low status men face hatred from society, women and men. If the laws change, judges and cops will still act as if VAWA was in effect and it will still be difficult for a low status man to prove his case short of video evidence.

      This is part of why at the end of the day the James Damore memo was very inauthentic too me:

      ” If we, as a society, allow men to be more “feminine,” then the gender gap will shrink, although probably because men will leave tech and leadership for traditionally feminine roles. ”

      Felt like more of the “progressives” telling men to be more like women and their (self-caused) problems will go away. The truth is the problems aren’t self-caused. Also this is where the libertarian tough guy eve psych weirdoes get it wrong. They say “sperm is cheap” and eggs aren’t and that is why womyn are valued more. Their little spiel doesn’t account for why non fertile womyn are valued more than men who aren’t providing utility.

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