The Alt-Right Isn’t Fighting a Fair Fight

Okay, I did not see the complete video but I watched this snippet which is on an Alt-Right Youtube channel and presumably edited to make Dickie Spencer look good…

Notice how Spencer calls “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hapiness” faggy.  Oh, the hipster irony is strong with this one.  So, Spencer is pretty much renouncing “enlightenment” values and even libertarian values-Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Notice what happened a little while back when Trickly Dickie was punched.  All these Alt-Righters said it was awful that he was punched for being on the street and spewing unpopular ideas.  Well, it is actually enlightenment values and the constitution that guarantees him the right for free speech.  Do you think that if he was in power, he would grant you the same freedoms?  Alt-Righters seem to demand free speech and freedom from violence when espousing their ideas, yet it is highly unlikely they would grant this freedom to their opponents if  the had the option.

Why is this significant?  He demands that he be granted the right to free speech and protection from violence.  Yet, he would not grant the same to you.  He is playing from a different playbook.  It is comparable to a feminist demanding “equality” then demanding to be placed first on a life raft when the boat starts sinking.  These people have shown themselves unworthy of debate but they must also aggressively be resisted….