the unpersoning of little andrew anglin…

so by now, you have probably heard about the Daily Stormer being taken off the internet.

I don’t like Nazi’s but I don’t like censorship either…

I personally find the cat and mouse game between a screwball nazi troll and crooked tech companies to be quite entertaining.

Daily Stormer reared it’s ugly little head a few times as:

(and I am sure I am forgetting or just didn’t know about a few other versions…)

Now the king of trolls has a blog:

I am going to be quoting a few sections from his blog, partially because I find it entertaining and partially because I think there is a high likelyhood it will be taken down and this might become some kind of “resource.”

“The fact of the matter is that I was banned from the internet for a joke, that while being obviously offensive, was nothing more or less than a joke.

Although explaining a joke kills the fun of it, I think at this point, this having become one of the most infamous jokes in history – and a joke which has in fact altered history – I can go ahead and explain it.

We have a culture of outrage. The direction of our society is determined by who can become the most offended, and make the most noise about how offended they are. I have a belief, which is supported by logic and data which I may present on this personal blog at a later date, that this outrage culture is not only ridiculous, but sociologically unsustainable.”

“As an actual human being, I do not resemble the character of Andrew Anglin which, with the enthusiastic assistance of the media and groups such as the SPLC, I have created for the Daily Stormer.

A big part of what I do with the Andrew Anglin character on the Daily Stormer is trigger the outrage culture, in order to expose the fundamentally flawed nature of it, as well as to draw attention to myself and my agenda, which would otherwise simply be ignored. That certainly worked with the Heather Heyer piece.”

Direct link:


The funny thing, with all his nazibopi machismo, the images he uses are far less racist than what man hating feminist Amanda Marcotte used in her awful book.

Another thing, for all his whining about muh freedumb of speach, he doesn’t seem to be letting comments through.  Ironic, those libertarian tough guys, eh?

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