owning the printing press vs freedom of speech

Okay, I had previously discussed how a corporation cannot be entrusted to protect free speech.

I think this is at least slightly a misnomer.  If one accepts theories on the free market (and if we even live in a free market)-then if one company denied you service you would be able to go to another company.  No shoes, no shirt, no service, oh well a five star restaurant won’t serve you, no problemo brah, there’s still that taco stand a block from the beach.  When condescending Milo Y was booted off twitter, I maintained that it wasn’t a freedom of speech issue.  At the time, he still had a platform at Breitbart.  However, what I may have failed to realize was that he lost one platform and the free market hadn’t provided a directly competing platform that he could just hop on.  Unfortunately, tech companies who have at best, arbitrary TOS’s control the infrastructures of how we share information.   Tech companies are ISP’s, domain registrars and other pieces of the information superhighway. So we literally have a situation while not directly controlling free speech, they own the pieces of the online printing press that is used to distribute said free speech.

It’s funny, because when I read 1984, I thought that it was about the NSA.  However, it’s looking more and more like dystopic sci fi movies where corrupt corporations have too much power and too little ethics….

Funny how all those right wing libertarian tough guys got it all wrong…

6 thoughts on “owning the printing press vs freedom of speech

  1. the EU has more widespread free market than the USA does, that’s why our internet connections are way faster for half the price. you don’t like how Telekom does its shit? you can go to Digi (two random examples) instead, even at smaller towns. ISPs can’t pull that shit that comcASSt does on a regular basis…

  2. Hi Stone(r),lately i’ve watched many videos of Chomsky speeches,they were all good,but then i’ve found out what he thinks of porn.

    I’d love to hear what you think of this.

    1. okay, he has the typical “gynocentric” viewpoint.

      as far as women taking jobs as porn actresses, well, when these people start “liberating” walmart workers and garbage men from their “oppression” I’ll take the argument serious.

    1. This is more interesting. Y’know, I’ve never been able to watch a porno from “start-to-finish.” I thought about how “punk” is supposed to be “rebellious” but the chord progressions are even simpler than blues and punk musicians are even more boxed in than most other musicians. For example, a prog rock band like Rush, their audience expects they might throw in some “left-of-feild” stuff but if a punk band did that, they “sold out.”

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