Hey White Trashinalists, Your “Leaders” Don’t Support you one bit…

whitetrashionalistswhitetrashonalists2So did you hear about these hooligans?  Somehow, I doubt their little leader, Dickie Spencer contributed a cent to the legal defense fund.

A prominent Nazi facist has been calling out Dickie for months…

“Richard Spencer has been a source of catastrophic loss for all who stand beside him.”

“Our guys were pelted with urine and bricks, fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools, run out of cities, and jailed without bond for Richard Spencer’s photo op. Which, surprise, is what everything Spencer involves himself in is really about.”


Since I hope your bullshit “movement” fails, please keep on supporting scumfucks like Spencer and Donovan, who, quite frankly, make Pualie Boi Elam seem like a competent leader. (haha.) Trickly Dickie can’t even figure out basic software like TurboTax.  Yet, according to some fraud like HBD, I’m a subhuman animal because I’m not fully white.

8 thoughts on “Hey White Trashinalists, Your “Leaders” Don’t Support you one bit…

    1. Thanks for the shout out. My blog goes with my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4NdMMFCwf4tWsId5xpzvw (I use text-to-speech ala MGTOW pioneer Razorbladekandy). So if you don’t like reading, you can listen while you get work done, play video games, surf the web, etc.

      It’s interesting that someone on Stoner With a Boner found this. I actually was partly influenced by an article on this blog from awhile back on libertarians. And Razorbladekandy spoke extensively about the libertarian cancer in MGTOW. Even before I discovered Stoner With a Boner and Razorbladekandy, libertarianism has never sit well with me. I was actually a Marxist before I got ousted from every left-wing community because of my views on gender relations and some of my other more politically incorrect views. I also don’t think Marxism provides the necessary flexibility we need in our modern world. Admittedly I think a lot of people would think I’m a jackass. Because I decided not to renew my contract with my employer when I was a wage cuck with no other job to go to. Took time off to figure shit out. I had the luxury of doing that because I lived with my parents, saved a bunch of money while working and inherited some money from family. Eventually over a year later I found my calling as a day trader. And then it took like probably 9 months after that for my calling to be profitable.

      The thing is that people give up their dreams and hate on the dreamers. But the big ass fucking irony here is that I was allowed to chase my dream in part because I inherited some money and my family let them live off them for awhile. Libertarians would be quick to call me a hypocrite. But the reason why most people can’t chase their dream in the first place is because they don’t have the opportunity to be given or save that seed capital to begin with! They call people with money who support some welfare as hypocrites. And they call the poor who support some welfare “bitter”. You can’t win either way with the right.

      It would be so convenient now for me to say “fuck all you poor people, I got mine.” But I’m not retarded. One time there was this ghetto looking black guy waiting outside the door at a McDonald’s at night. And I thought I was going to get jumped. Staff escorted me outside because they feared for my safety. You can have all the money you want. But in Ancapistan, it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how much muscle you hire if someone ambushes you with a gun or if your muscle turns on you. If you give a pissed off Syrian refugee a decent paying job or even a basic income, he’s far less likely to be violent. Because why risk your freedom and safety if your life is decent enough? In organized crime, it’s not uncommon for subordinates to turn on the leader. This is why leaders are so paranoid about subordinates perceiving them as “going soft”. They are in constant pressure to keep up the facade of being the dominant alpha male. I doubt the average autistic libertarian neckbeard would have the respect of their street thug enforcers.

      1. All the various branches of the right wing have always existed to manipulated the dumbest and meanest elements of the working class to advocate against the interest of their own class.
        I hope you’ll make a series of videos dedicated to bashing right wing and libertarian youtubers.
        Also you need to be able to differentiate between SJW and feminism,they are not one and the same,in fact many right wing retards love to pin all the shit that feminism does on SJW so that they may avoid confronting the unpleasant reality that much of the toxicity and the downright horrible treatment that many men experience in today’s society is the fault of feminism.

      2. I kind of see feminism as a subset of SJWs. There is a broad range of SJW though. Big Red, Carl The Cuck and Aids Skrillex are laughing stocks. Kiwi Farms even made fun of them and posted their doxx (doxxing is despicable). And Kiwi Farms is no fan of the alt-right or even the MRM and MGTOW in general.

        It’s the less extreme SJWs who are more dangerous that aren’t a laughing stock to society. Because they have actual political influence.This is where the majority of feminists fall under. Non-conservatives don’t see these people as SJWs I think.

        I also see feminism as a subset of the much broader issue of gynocentrism. Conservatives who promote this “women belong in the kitchen”, “women and children”, “men must protect women”, “Islam is a threat to women and feminism” (concern trolling), “transwomen in women’s bathrooms prey on women”, etc. narrative are poison.

        The horrible treatment that men face in society today is due to gynocentrism. Whether it is gynocentrism imposed by feminist ideology or right-wing ideology. Women are crafty motherfuckers and have figured out a way to play off both sides of the spectrum. Even women who aren’t parasites like my sister have no political will when it comes to addressing the issues that men face. I asked my sister how she would feel if I was falsely accused of rape and lost my job (I’m self-employed but what if I did have a job?) My sister says that false rape accusations are not right. But says that there is far more sexual abuse that goes unreported. And so she doesn’t want to make it harder for victims of sexual abuse to come forward. This is a utilitarian as fuck way of thinking. That the lives of legitimate victims of sexual abuse are more worthy of the lives of men who are falsely accused of rape because there are more victims who don’t come forward than there are men falsely accused of rape.

        There is a man in my country who was wrongly terminated because a woman falsely accused him of rape. She paid him like $24,000 in restitution. Almost $20k went to legal fees. Leaving him with just a few thousand bucks. If I were him, I would sue the employer for wrongful dismissal and demand my job back plus back-pay plus 3% interest. The judges don’t give a shit about men though… $24,000 (when $20k goes to legal fees) for damage to reputation is bullshit. If you google his name, you will see this shit forever. Meanwhile her name is kept confidential by law here even though the courts found her guilty of lying to the court.

      3. @Magyar MGTOW
        That probably is true. I can’t think of a single political party that isn’t gynocentric.

        I voted for the Green Party in Canada two years ago because they were the best of the pack. Because I figured if I have to choose between gynocentric SJWs who want to give me welfare vs gynocentric conservatives who want me to be a slave, I might as well vote for the welfare. I was a NEET at the time living. I didn’t make any money. A $20,000 per year basic income (Green Party policy) for just sitting on my ass sounded cool at the time. They got like 3% of the vote anyways and don’t have any power. Voting Green was basically just a fuck you to the status quo of Liberal vs Conservative vs social democrat (NDP). The social democrats are more concerned about the SJW vote than the working class vote.

        Now that I’m making bank as a self-employed day trader, you’d think I’d go conservative. But being a NEET is still fresh in my mind. I remember how people would laugh at me for being a “loser”. I remember how the government didn’t do jack shit for me when I was down on my luck. Now bitches want my dick when I tell them I’m a day trader. Now the government wants to tax me like crazy. While trust fund kids never have to live a finger to get anything. If you inherited $1 million, you can just invest in the S&P 500 and sit on the compound gains. I think I mentioned this in my debut YouTube. Fuck this government. Fuck their corporate donors. Fuck it all. Libertarians just say fuck the government but don’t acknowledge the role that corporations play in enslaving people.

        As a Black Piller, I encourage men to work the system just like single moms work the system. It’s next to impossible for men to go on welfare in my country. But if you can fuck the system, do it. I know that Sweden is very generous. Get a fake diagnosis for autism and rape the coffers dry. I am legitimately autistic. I could be earning 1,600 euros/month if I was a Swedish citizen or a Muslim immigrant and never have to do any work. But there is no way they are letting a Canadian immigrate to Sweden and immediately go on welfare. Heh.

        I don’t hate on Muslim men for trying to get theirs. The first world has raped the third world for so long. Hating on Muslims for rich people in your own country hiring cheap foreign labour to take your job is like a man hating on another man for fucking his girl and not being mad at his girl. The working class whites are getting cucked by aristocrats like Trump. And giving them a free pass. Trump is not going to build the wall. He’s not going to do anything about immigration. He’s not going to bring those jobs back. He’s not going to improve wages for workers. In a Republican debate in 2015, he said wages were too high in America.

      4. Thanks for the great comments,i’ve really enjoyed your videos too,i’ll write you a message later either on your blog or on your youtube channel.

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