Just a friendly reminder, Don’t share personal info with MGTOW’s or MRA’s…

Okay, for most of you, I am probably stating the obvious….

Don’t share anything further than a throwaway email with any of these guys…

Any site that asks for anything more than a throwaway email is a red flag in my opinion and you will not find “secret knowledge.”

Don’t share first names (well, I suppose if it is as common as John you are fine) and most certainly do not share last names.

If you are not using proxies, your “general location” is available by IP address.  You can measure the security risk that you find acceptable.

Especially don’t share information with MGTOW groupies.  These are individuals posing as women (may or may not be.)  They will ask for extremely personal information such as virginity (or age when lost,) face pictures or more.  They are experts at faking sympathy.  They are, in my estimation one of three groups:

1.) Sociopaths digging for personal information so they can doxx and humiliate low status men with the intent to destroy their personal lives and/or drive them to suicide.  (If you don’t think such people exist, go over to manboobs and read some of the comments, they are out there.)

2.) Bizzarre women with a very specific fetish for a very specific type of man.  Perhaps “virgin chasers” in the case of incels or some MGTOW.  Ultimately, these women will be more destructive than hiring a prostitute even in areas where it is illegal.  My recommendation is to avoid at all costs.  To see a real life example, google Eurasian Tiger Persephone.  (She targets lonely Eurasian men but the concept is the same.)

3.) Narcissistic women who want lonely/thirsty men to pay attention to them with no reciprocation.  Do not fall prey to these games.

Also avoid any “meet ups.”  With the rise of corrupt political organizations such as the Southern Poverty Center and mass school shootings, it is not paranoid to suggest that you could wind up on a Federal Watch list just for going to a “MGTOW meeting.”  Look how scumbags like Hugo Schwyzer tried to compare an interest in men’s rights to a sicko like Anders Breivik.  Suffice to say, if you know anyone who is involved with the Antifa or Alt-Right, best to cut these individuals out of your life like the cancer they are.  You would gain nothing positive from the association and may even lose a job or risk being mugged by a “vigilante.”

Also, if you have a site, better to use a free version with limited functionality than buying a domain name or paying for additional functionality with a credit card.  Remember, nothing more than a throw away email and try to avoid authentication tied to a cell phone.  Avoid gmail if you can and don’t watch Youtube videos while logged in as they are collecting highly private information.  If you must use gmail, it is best used on a computer that you never use your thowaway email on.  Think of compartmentalizing this as a work computer vs personal computer.  As a normy would try not to look at porn on the work computer, treat this the same way with the computer you use your throwaway on. I believe that at this point in history, corrupt tech companies such as Google and Facebook are a bigger threat to male sovereignty than the NSA.



2 thoughts on “Just a friendly reminder, Don’t share personal info with MGTOW’s or MRA’s…

  1. I agree with most of what you are suggesting. Compartmentalization is always a good idea and internet companies are certainly not trustworthy. They deserve to be broken up..

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