a legal way for so-called MGTOW’s to pay very little money in taxes…

Well, for anyone who has ever visited a “MGTOW” space, they have undoubtedly seen “libertarian tough guys” whining about  “muh taxes, muh taxes.”  There is a very simple solution to this.  Live in a van (or somewhere very cheap) and earn maybe $15,000 or less a year.  You will still have FICA taxes withheld but you won’t owe much or anything to the federal gov’t.  You might even qualify for things like the Earned Income Credit.  If you find a seasonal job, you may only work part of the year and collect unemployment the rest of the year:


I can only speculate a few reasons these libertarian tough guys don’t advocate this:

1.) They are addicted to material pleasures like sports cars and prefer comfort over freedom.

2.) They are obsessed with status and want to look down on lower earning men to feel better about themselves.

3.) They need lots of disposable income because they visit prostitutes.

4.) They think that if they are good little wage earners, a woman will finally decide she needs them and marry them.

These dudes aren’t the advocates of “freedom” that they portray themselves to be.

Calling the motherfuckers out

Tamerlane told me about this video, and quite frankly this dude says things I’ve been thinking for awhile now…  And the Ziggy Stardusk imitation is off the fucking charts here….

I saw some of BarBar’s comments and from my point of view, he is evading responsibility like a goddamned politician.  If he politely let his viewers know that he was taking an extended break AND he never asked for money from them, that would be one thing.  But if someone e-begs and then takes the money and runs, of course people are gonna accuse him of being a scammer after he just disappears.  I remember he shut me down for complaining about “libertarian tough guys.”  Dude, if a male feminist is spreading gynacracy ™ through your ranks, would you not want me to call him out?  Well, when the “libertarian tough guys” are spreading shit that is hostile to low status men and I call them out, how come I am now a troll ™ –and we all know troll is really code for someone who refuses to live in an echo chamber.  I saw his comments where he whines that someone else should stand up against the alt-reich.  Well, dude, I’ve been doing that for years.  Whatever dude.  MGTOW has turned to complete shit.  I must’ve been a cuck ™ for defending you assholes when Paul Elam and Aaron Clarey were attacking you….

Brutal Dreams

I had one dream where a mangy dog walked up to me.  I began petting him behind the ear.  He put his paw against my wrist as if he was taking my pulse.  His paw was much larger than a dog of his size usually is and I realized he was actually a wolf.  He began speaking to me.  His lips weren’t moving, but we were telepathically connected.  He began talking to me like a skilled salesman, or perhaps more like a coniving PUA scammer.  He referred to me as old friend and said that I was very special because I could communicate with him.  He poured on compliments and even though I realized it was only to gin my trust, it was intoxicating.  I don’t think he realized this but I could see into his mind.  It was as if he was putting on a play but I could see clearly into the backstage.

I realized I was speaking with a man.  A very evil man.  I could see memories of this man being taken to the gallows and executed.  I don’t know if he was reincarnated into the form of a wolf or if his spirit was able to meld into a wolf.  I could jump around in his memories and see pretty much every crime such as murder, rape arson, theft, forgery.  Then there was a shift.  I could clearly tell that the memories were from the wolf.  He would sneak into homes and bite the throats of sleeping, young children.  He would strangles them and then devour their voiceboxes. He was extraordinairly careful not to leave any traces.  And he enjoyed doing this quite a bit.

I pulled away from the wolf.  I wanted to tell the people walking past me but I was mute and unable to speak.  And they looked upon me with contempt.  The wolf looked at me again and then ran off.

don’t trust tech companies, don’t trust tech companies, don’t trust tech companies….





while all the libertarian tough guy migypoops are crying about James Damore ™ -they are totally missing the big picture…


Finally, an Alt-Reicher who isn’t gay: Matt Heimblach, purportedly a mother (in-law)fucker extraordinaire

hahahaha, I can’t even make this shit up…

if I was writing fake trollbait articles to make these dudes look bad, I couldn’t even come up with shit half as devious as what these fucks do IRL:


And according to Clarence in Baltimore/GL Piggy/Fire Power/Steve Sailer and their precious HBD scale, a halfbreed  like me doesn’t even register as fully human…

I might be a loser, but I am not THIS BIG a loser, as that takes effort.

Maybe these guys think that like the Egyptian Pharoh’s, if they interbred, they will be “purer.”  I guess that’s when they are not in the hot tub with Jagoff Don-0-van, learning about maskewiniteee.




….the halfbreed’s curse….

First off, I AM NOT endorsing Elliot Rodger’s temper tantrum/murders and secondly I AM NOT endorsing incels ™ in any sort of way. I can’t stand their endless whining, they even outwhine feminist’s, if I hadn’t seen it first hand, I wouldn’t believe it to be possible.

With that “trigger warning” outta the way, this post is how us mutts (one thing I do have in common with that beemer drivin’ serial killer) are used and discarded for some bigoted asshole’s little political agenda.  Take a look at ole Elliot.  He might be mixed, “Hawaiian*,” hapa, Philipino*, Asian, or maybe even Latino*.  But he wasn’t a White man ™ by any sense of the word.  That’s how most of use would view him. *–yes, I know he wasn’t those races but for those who confuse things, I put that in there to illustrate a point.  I am often confused for being of a different race than what I am.  And he wasn’t a “pass for a white guy” but technically not a white guy like Charlie Sheen either.  And, y’know what else, I doubt he was called “exotic” or “good looking”-that’s reserved for mixed race womyn and dogs.

So how come all these bigots consider him a white dude when he goes on a murder rampage, they sure as fuck wouldn’t of considered him a white guy if they saw his profile on a dating site:

“There will not be a national discussion of a culture of “white pathology” or how white Americans may have a “cultural problem” with their young men and gun violence. The news media will not devote extensive time to the “social problem” of white male violence and mass shootings.

Elliot Rodger, a rich, white, entitled young man, allegedly killed six innocent men and women and wounded 13 others yesterday. Like Adam Lanza, this would appear to be a case of aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome, one which has led to a murderous and tragic outcome.”


Chauncey DeVega, take a fucking look at his picture on your article.  He isn’t white. Bi-racial, yes. Mixed, yes.  He isn’t what pops up when you google “white guy.”

Now, politically speaking, it would be easier for me to distance myself from da ‘Rodge.  “Yeah, those white dudes and their guns.  My guns are for self-defense and my drugs are for recreation, brah.”

But that would be to absolve liberals of their blatant racism.  It’s condescending when I get told IRL that I am a right wing bigot because I couldn’t suck it up and vote for crooked Hillary.

Funny how when there is free shit for not being white, I don’t get on that list.

Funny how when a crooked liberal white guy like Bill Maher says full on racist shit, I wouldn’t get absolved for something one tenth as bad.

Funny how if I say English should be the official language of the US I get called racist by a bunch of fucking Latino’s with skin lighter than mine.  (Yes, I know that you are cussing me out in pig latin and figuring out ways too do as little work possible while complaining to the boss you are overworked.   But I’m the bigot because I have to pick up your slack, Pedro.)

Funny how liberals alongside crooked Dickie Spencer would get offended if I made a joke about Jack Donovan’s “orientation”  because back in the long ago age of Stonewall, someone said a bad gay joke and now they get to behave just as badly as womyn because “oppression” ™ …

Funny how all those trashy feminists who complain endlessly about privilged white guys ™ only fuck full blood white guys minus their pro-feminist lezzie experiences.

And you wonder when some asshole tells me to vote Democrat, my default response is go eat a bowl of dicks!!!

Don’t “Emotionally Support” Women…

Okay, I know this is “preaching to the choir.”

However, this is something you can easily find yourself “drawn” into.

I remember one broad who would endlessly complain about her husband at a previous job.  I think she was looking to have an affair.  She would sarcastically “flirt” with me.  Since I am bad at reading social cues I wasn’t sure of the meaning of this.  I didn’t know if she wanted a”guy friend” to use as an emotional tampon or something more. I even declined “invites” to happy hours where she was.  One of the “alpha” guys can have her.  I told my co-workers that I am a wreck to be around when I drink, but if they insisted, they could get me loaded at a shooting range.  Let’s see what havoc I could cause.  Since they were Crooked Hillary liberals, they gave me the stink-eye, haha.

I remember another broad from an open mic who considered herself a “singer.”  (I can’t stand singers BTW.)   She would always complain about the open mic host or random men.  I would avoid her.  It seemed like she expected a chump guy to act like her husband or boyfriend in regards to her whining and emotions. I think that is the crux of the matter.  Women these days expect men whom they feel no obligation towards to listen to them and consider their feefee’s.  It’s a one sided deal.

You can read a whinefest from an empowered feminist womyn, just read between the lines and see how she uses guys…


Prostitutes expect to be paid.

Therapist’s expect to be paid.

The random guy who just listen’s to a woman whine is a sad sack who will probably be a casualty of the friend zone.   There are a few ways out of this situation.  1.) Say no negativity.  2.) Talk only business. 3.) State a boundary along the lines of “That’s what a BF/Hubby is for and I ain’t that guy.”