The Real Red Pill and Alt-Reichers are Spineless…

I was watching Total Recall, a movie that came out years before The Matrix.  Arnie rejects the “red pill”-likely poison if not a very strong tranquilizer.  To me this is a great metaphor for the manuresphere.  Now, this clip is a bit edited, my guess is so it doesn’t get taken down over copywright issues, go watch the movie…

I was also reading Melville’s Moby Dick and came across this on page 312…

“A foreign friend once pointed it out to me, in the skeleton of a foe he had slain, and with the vertebrae of which he was inlaying, in a sort of basso-relievo, the beaked prow of his canoe. Now, I consider that the phrenologists have omitted an important thing in not pushing their  investigations from the cerebellum through the spinal canal. For I believe that much of a man’s character  will be found betokened in his backbone.  I would rather feel your spine than your skull whoever you are.  A thin joist of a spine never yet upheld a full and noble soul.  I rejoice in my spine, as in the firm audacious staff of that flag which I fling half out to the world.”

Haha, now here’s a new insult for the Alt-Righters, thin spinned weasels next tiem they discuss the new phrenology, HBD.  (And then leave this quote to an old Murrikan classic.)

I was wrong about gays and MGTOW.

Awhile back I left comments that MGTOW shouldn’t adjust for gay men or be especially accepting of them.  Feminists where chasing this demographic, M(h)RA’s were chasing them and it seemed Barbarabrowski and all the Shedding dudes wanted to make MGTOW gay friendly.  Just to give some context, this was a little after BarBar aggressively stated that married men cannot be MGTOW.  This was when there was the ugly fallout between MGTOW’s and MRA bigots like Dean Esmay and Paul Elam.  I felt like BarBar was trying to grow MGTOW and by making a big umbrella MGTOW, he would make it unfriendly to low status men such as myself.  I had also had very negative interactions with a gay MRA who goes by the name Ginko.  He had recommended trad con Judgy Bitch and also NPI speaker Jack Donovan.  Both Judgy Bitch and Jack Donovan are heavily invested in “male disposability.”  I thought that MRA’s  were giving Judgy Bitch a pass for her gynocentricism because she was a woman and quite frankly alt-righters seemed to be using Jack Donovan in a similar manner.   Then throw in Milo Yiannopoulous into the mix.  These odious individuals aren’t anyone I’d let into my men’s rights.  So I thought that MGTOW’s were going to make the same mistake with Donovan and Milo that MRA’s made with Judgy Bitch but give them a pass for their misandry because of their orientation.  That was the mistake flawed MRA Ginko made.

I still subcribe that BarBar made a huge mistake trying to grow MGTOW and let in a bunch of unsavory individuals.  However, these unsavory individuals weren’t necessarily gay dudes as much as they were Alt-Righters and libertarian tough guys.  Some of them might be gay and with their weird love of “strong men” it could be the case.  But it wasn’t specifically gay dudes in MGTOW spaces that was the problem, it was the friendliness towards the Alt-Right that lead to MGTOW turning into worthless shit.

Anyways, here’s a cool song from the 70’s:

The Barbarabrowski’s are back in town…

Tamerlane let me know that BarBar has some new vids up.  Quite frankly I don’t have the patience to watch his hour plus long video.  I can’t even get though an episode of Game of Thrones without noodling on my geetar, my attention span these days is maybe an episode of Family Guy.  I watched the short one.  I don’t like BarBar.  I don’t trust BarBar.  I do hope he completes the book nonetheless.  And I hope it is a decent book.  I probably won’t buy the thing though.  It would be a nice change after all the scamsters in “men’s circles.”

Here it is:


And, too cleanse the palette, some really cool cats who did a shit ton of drugs back in the day:

…i don’t think prostitution is the answer for most low status men…

M(h)RA’s and libertarian tough guy MGTOW’s will go on and on that if prostitution was legal, so many problems would disappear for men.  Eddie Trunk describes how music fans will pay money to meet their favorite rock stars at meet-and-greets.  Most of these rockstars don’t want to meet fans.  But because of the almighty dollar, they will do meet-and-greets.  So, just the same, if you are some lonely dude, you could find a broad to fuck you for the almighty dollar.  But if the cash wasn’t there she wouldn’t give ya the time of day.  Haha, Eddie compares the fans to “cattle,”  I’m sure prostitutes say way worse about the dudes who pay to fuck them…

“come back to the plantation…”

As I’m watching the “MGTOW community” slowly implode (and I am aware of how equally ironic that there is a a “community” for Going Your Own Way as there is a “party” for Libertarians) –I am aware of one thing.  It seems men need women more than women need men.  This is not to say that women have no need of men.  What I am getting at is that the average woman has less need for the average man than the average man has for the average woman.  Just look at statistics after divorce. Women seem to be happier after a divorce than men.  Yes, you’ll have to read through allot of feminist drivel about toxic masculinity and such.  But start looking, who is more likely to take their life once an intimate relationship ends?  The dudes….

“Come back to the plantation” is a phrase many men supposedly “going their own way” utter when they see trad con womyn discussing men.  But then they go on and on with “collapse porn.” Why is this the case?  Did you know that in the 1970’s black men on average made more money than white women?  If you had the limited thinking skills of an alt-reicher or so-caled SJW, your conclusion might be society was more sexist but instead became more racist and that’s why white women now make more money than black men.  There is a much easier explanation.  The labor market changed.  Where a one time, factory work enabled men of any color to out earn women on average.  Now, with technological advancement, women need men less and less for their everyday survival.  Maybe that’s why you see so many so-called MGTOW’s with their Mad Max style fantasies of society going down the shitter.

It is not really women who want men to “come back to the plantation” but so-called MGTOW men wanting women to need them in in their Mad Max porno.  “Oh, TFM, I need you to protect me from that muzzy rape gang that Stardusk couldn’t save me from.  And then when you save poor little stupid me, I expect you to fuck me harder than that smelly muzzy Roosh 5 did when he roofied me because you are an alpha with a really big shlooong. Just remember to slap me and choke me a few times so that I can tell all my feminist friends that I had an orgasm because, like 50 shades of gray nose hairs….”  Yeah, I know, real ladies don’t talk that way.  I was trying to point out how absurd MGTOW collapse porn is.  I think most those guys were failed PUA’s who thought they could get laid if they acted “traditionalist.”  Dudes, straight up, you would degrade yourself a whole lot less if you just clocked some overtime at your libertarian tough guy job and then went on a sex vacation in Thailand.  Just watch out for the lady boys, or, hehe, in Barbarrossa’s case, keep an eye out for them because that’s what he likes.  (Or so I heard from Aaron Clarey when he finally took Jack Donovan’s ceegar outta his stinkhole long enough to talk.)  Yeah, I’m engaging in “shaming language.”   When I say things rationally and politely, I just get insulted.  When I fling poop, I get insulted but they ain’t got no rational arguments against what I say.  Funny how that works…


How Come so-called MGTOW’s like Barbarrosssaa are against Universal Basic Income???

Interesting video here:

Yes, the 9-to-5 is the enemy of art.  How many people do you know that keep on saying they would like to do x,y or z but they don’t have the time?

Now I am neither left wing or right wing. I thought that Hillary Clinton was an exceedingly corrupt candidate and found it funny when bigoted, racist liberals like Bill Maher insulted those of us who couldn’t stomach Hillary 4 prez.  And I find it just as funny when alt-right closet cases like Dickenhorst Spencer whine and cry that his “god-emporor” Trump has abandoned his “nationalist” supporters.  If you expected anything different from a con artist, you were a mark that quite frankly deserves to be hustled for everything you got.  Fuck the left wing and the right wing, they both hate low status males such as myself.

I am pro UBI.  Work sucks.  I have never forged an identity from lifting boxes in a warehouse or selling shady goods in a cubicle just to have a roof over my head.

There is also the realization that production isn’t directly tied to work.  Let me explain, first, automation, robots, technology will kill many jobs.   But, you didn’t really want to be a coal miner anyways despite your libertarian tough guy talk, now did ya?  Eventually, most work will be performed by machines.  Amazon has already developed a store devoid of employees:

How much longer before 7/11 follows suit?  Just think, in a few years you will be able to walk up to a device maybe a little larger than an ATM and it will deliver a warm meal.  Drive through will be two points, one where you type in your order on a touch screen and another where you pick up your order.  Maybe there will be a living person there to smooth over a few processes but it will mostly be automated.  It’s not if this is coming but when.  5 years, 10, 20???

So what will the burger flippers do?  Maybe they can get a job as an engineer?  Or maybe not.  Things can go one of two ways.  Mass unemployment.  A very small, very wealthy upper class and a huge underclass with very little to lose.  Or, a higher standard of living for the average person with far less need to work.  Almost everything would be automated.  And perhaps a person could have a middle class lifestyle on 20 hrs or less of work.  Those who don’t want to work, don’t need to.

If you’ve ever paid full price for a new car, or drive an old beater like me, this will blow your fucking mind:

yup, new cars “left to die.”  We live in a world of material wealth.  But not everyone gets access to that material.

So, if you saw BarBar the politician’s comments on the Male Sentient Void video  I linked a few days back, you could see him disparage UBI. Shouldn’t MGTOW love the idea of UBI?  Wouldn’t it free many men from the burdens of toil all day to do things more creative and gratifying?  Didn’t he speak about “male sovereignty?”  Being freed from a job you hate sure sounds like sovereignty too me.  Maybe if he didn’t have to work, he could finally write his book.  Y’know the one he took the money for and then ran…





There are some serious problems at Youtube/Google…

Advocatus Diaboli has written about the female shooter at Youtube HQ.  As I mentioned in the comment section, you can still find Elliot Rodger’s videos while Nasim Aghdam has been flushed down the memory hole.  In my line of thinking, either Youtube would erase both content creators with the notion that spree shooters should not be celebrated OR leave both content creators materials available so that psychologists and others could try to figure out what was going on in their minds.  Let’s not twist any words here.  THIS IS WHAT CENSORSHIP LOOKS LIKE!  When governments stifle the words of dissident parties, we call it censorship.  When a corporation that provides us with entertainment and so-called news does the same, we are dealing with CENSORSHIP.  I was at one point critical of Milo Yiannopolous when he cried censorship for being moderated on Twitter.  I may have to re-evaluate that position.  If “content providers” who are essentially monopolies can pull the plug on content with amorphous rules in the code of conduct, then, yes, these companies are in some manner regulating free speech.  I looked at this as a free market that if one company is “regulating” your speech, you can simply move to another platform.  I understand there are alternatives to Youtube such as Vimeo but realistically, people consume far less information via Vimeo.  For all intents and purposes, Youtube is the only game in town.

Here is a video by “libertarian tough guy” Joe “Where’s the beef, err ‘roids” Rogan where he gets uncomfortably close to suggesting curtailing civil rights.  So far as I know, when the police stopped Nasim, they were dealing with a woman who didn’t have a criminal record and they couldn’t just haul her into jail Gulag Archepelago style.  And, y’know what, this is eerily similar to the check police gave ole Elliot Rodger before his shooting spree:

Now, the more time I’ve spent online, the more cynical I’ve become of people’s motives.  Look how Joe the Broe needs her to be psycho.  I have no idea of her mental health.  However, if she believed that Youtube was to be her livelyhood, then she could be seen allot like the unfortunate “protagonist” in the movie falling down:

Now, this obviously doesn’t excuse Ms. Aghdam’s violence by any means.  However, think of all the people murdered by what a government will label “Operation Freedom” because, hey, freedom isn’t free and oil companies gotta make money.  Yeah, our libertarian tough guy needs this woman to be craycray because his cash cow is Youtube.  He might sell supplements and he might talk MMA and he might have multiple streams of income, but like a true libertarian tough guy, he can’t question the hand that feeds him.  If she is craycray, the system is okay m’kay.  Joe, I think all those ‘rhoids are givin’ ya manboobs.  You sure seem to have similar critical thinking skills to a male feminist like David Futrelle.

this dude used to play in a black metal band…

..and he was in jail for murder..

…and now he makes Youtube videos…

…..and strangely enough, this halfbreed likes his videos……

……and maybe that’s cause they would probably upset “alt-right” buttfuckers as well as Crooked Hillary “liberals”…….


This is probably my favorite part though:

“If you’re a regular viewer please DON’T try to become a Patreon supporter for as little as $1 per video because they are of course free for me to make, and I don’t even have a Patreon account. I have NO EXPENSES when I make these videos. I only invest my time in them, and my love for my heritage of course. And I do so with pleasure. Trying to save our heritage is my objective, not to make money by pretending to do so. ”

The part where he doesn’t take your money.  Is that a passive aggressive shot at Barbarossaaa and Paul Elam?  Does he even know who hose dudes are????