I don’t get to watch quite as many movies as I would like to.  I did get to see Logan and it blew me away.  It’s more like dystopian sci-fi (even though it’s only a few years in the future) than it is a “super hero” movie.  It’s depressing and dark.  And the look of it almost seems to be influenced from video games.  I guess Wolverine is the most MGTOW superhero out there.  And the movie surprised me because we get to see Wolverine and Xavier deteriorate.  So I suppose this touches on male disposability in a way most movies don’t.  And the actress who plays Wolverine’s “daughter” really knocks it outta the park.  I think she did a better job than Linda Blair did in The Excorcist. And there are “political messages” if you look for them.  I am surprised the Alt-Reich and manuresphere didn’t whine and cry about this movie the way they did about  Star Wars because quite frankly I think this movie is 10 times more subversive.  But then again the manuresphere and Alt-Reich think art and music are for sissy fayguts and real men ™ learn game and learn about mascuwinitee from Jack Don-0-van…


3 thoughts on “…Logan…

  1. I never liked Wolverine, that guy was as mangina as they come. Always begging for a whiff of Jean Grey’s snatch, constantly being passive-aggressive towards Cyclops. Come to think of it, I now understand why the manosphere holds him in such high regard 😀

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