What I am learning as a low status male…

Okay, I try not to rant about personal shit, but didn’t some creepy male feminist say the personal is the political???

For no other reason than to trigger the libertarian tough guys…

I have been outta work for over a year now…

(and isn’t this where the mighty Clarence In Baltimore revisits the blog and says a subhuman such as myself shouldn’t even expect to be in the workforce because I am so low on his precious HBD scale as endorsed by that fraud Steve Sailer-yes, Clarence, it is spelled Sailer, not Sailor like Popeye…)

For 20 plus weeks I collected a nice ™ unemployment check.  I’m sure Barbarabroski and Ziggy Stardusk would raise their fists in rage.

I really liked the unstructured time and not having to wake up a a specific time.  I loved not having to answer to a boss.  I really loved having time to pursue hobbies.

I did have some savings to buy a replacement vehicle when the time came and these are greatly reduced…

I also realized I did not want to go back to my old “career.”

Yeah, if cold calling motherfuckers is a “career” I guess prostitutes and drug dealers are at a whole other level.  These self-actualized individuals are not hustling for another dollar but answering a spiritual calling.  But I digress…

That leads me to my new cahrear…

I am doing delivery.  No, not medical marijuana… (haha, maybe I should…)

I am working for a huge company, however I have about as many rights as an illegal immigrant.  Ironic how the CEO of “my” company is now the richest guy on the planet but the average worker of his makes maybe 25k per year.  Why “liberals” complain all day about Walmart but not this dude, I will never know…

Here’s the interesting part, or maybe shady part. I did not apply directly to “my” company.  I am at a third party company that, I guess, contracts to them.  Is this if there is an accident on the road, it is the third party company that gets sued and not the richest dude in the world?  Is it incase there is a wage claim that the third party company gets in trouble?  Enquiring minds wanna know.

Okay, first day (and only training day) was kinda fun.  Shadow an experienced driver.  Learn how to use the app.  Just know that when you call “support” the app is never wrong (even when it’s wrong) –It is user error, you stupid, little, little man!!!!

Get tips from other drivers including leaving vehicle on and sitting over seatbelt so you can get in/get out fast.  (And this goes against what is in the “official” training video.)  Did you know why post office trucks are like British vehicles with the driver on the right side?  Well, now I know.  Jumping outta the driver side and running to the other side or squeezing to get out the passenger side will slowly grind ya down.  Or, hehe, you could just park on the “wrong” side of the street.  Yeah, that was one of the better tips I got from veteran drivers.

Also, the app is a whole other thing… It will say that you have X stops but you really have Y stops because it will group multiple stops into one.  Maybe that is some serious libertarian tough guy stuff.  Or maybe I am too dumb to understand AI.  If I was of the more conspiratorial mindset, I’d wager that this was a secret hack from the richest guy in the world to squeeze out just a little more labor from his workforce w/o increasing pay… Y’know, tell ya, “Hey stud, you can’t complete 103 stops in 7 hours, what kinda man are ya?”  When you really did 147.  But alas, I am an agreeable fella and don’t think a rich, powerful dude would treat one of us little people as a fucking commodity.  I’m sure I just have to watch more Jordan Peterson and clean my nasty ass room!!!

Now the warehouse is where shit gets weird.  The “associates” cart around stuff like fast moving zombies.  There is a guy with a bullhorn telling you “safety first” and to do stretches.  One has gotta ask, did they get that outta the book 1984?  Being in the warehouse is the worst part of the job.  At least being in the field is kind of fun even if stressful.  The warehouse feels like some kind of jail.

Oh, well, not sure how long I am gonna last, but what the heck…


4 thoughts on “What I am learning as a low status male…

  1. Working for Amazon and bargain-basement Lex Luthor, I see. On the bright side, you are not slaving away in one of his salt mines.. I mean “fulfillment centers”.

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