Won’t sumbody Puhleeze Think of the children?????

If you want to save 15 minutes of your life, this is the short story…

But if you are a masochist, you can listen to Professor Penis Breath talk to the Queen of the Libertarian Tough Guys…

Useless men,eh?

I actually like the term useless man….

I am not an incel and I am not a MGTOW, but I can embrace being a useless man…

Ironic though, how many “willful” blindspots Roid Breath and Professor Condescending have…

Joe Rogan interviewed Warmachine, a dude who has/had (?) no problemo getting laid.  So does that mean he wasn’t a “useless” man?  A man who never committed a violent crime but is just “unattractive?”  Worse than Warmachine? Hahaha. You guys have your head up your ass…

If “all the women are rejecting you…”

Well, no guy can hit on, what, 3 billion women.

I personally have difficulty reading social cues.  There have been times when women were “flirting” with me or I was “supposed” to make a move but I didn’t take action.  The reason that I didn’t is because I figured that it would just be easier assuming women aren’t attracted to me. I wouldn’t make mistakes.  I wouldn’t have to deal with claims of “sexual harassment.”  Maybe it was lonely but it was safe.  Okay, well, I am in a situation where I just have to survive.  And survival means avoiding a bad situation like my parents failed marriage.  But that is not something Peterson cares about.  I suppose I could buy an overpriced “counselling” session from him where he tells me to “man up” and “get over it.”

The “forbidden points” that a Tradcon like Peterson will NEVER admit…

Many men, men who are far higher quality men than Warmachine and Rogan won’t be able to earn enough money to raise a family.  (We already know these guys libertarian tough guy answer, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps you worthless piece of shit.”) And many women don’t want to have kids and probably wouldn’t make good mothers anyways…

There is one interesting point, most “incels” I have been harassed by online seem like right wing libertarian tough guys.  If I complain that I have a lousy job or don’t have one, they would make fun of me for being a loser.  But then, they whine and cry that a “free market” like dating treats them like crap even though they earn a shit ton of money.

So why should I care about “incels” failure in relationshits?  Why should I care about “unhappy” womyn?  And why should I care about society?  None of them care about me so they can all go to hell for all I care.


2 thoughts on “Won’t sumbody Puhleeze Think of the children?????

  1. Peterson is a scumbag and so is rogan,i pity the poor disenfranchised men falling for their bullshit.

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