…my loose, tangental thoughts on Alex “the man with the biggest manboobs in texas” Jones’s “banning”/”deplatforming…”

Advocatus Diaboli’s favorite liberal voices his opinion (irony of all irony, on Youtube, hahaha…)

I’ve already spoken about ideas directly related to this already…



When Miggytoes migrated to Youtube, I predicted trouble.  I thought the content would be taken down.  Something else happened, narcissistic egos’ beat out rational thinking and it was a race to the bottom with sleazy used car salesmanship mixed with intellectual dishonesty.  I swear those dudes were all failed PUA’s with the way they spoke.  So Youtube is indirectly responsible for the downfall of MGTOW but for different reasons than what I thought would happen…

I’ve never used Fakebook, looks like that place is a scam to data mine ya…

And spotify, fuck that shit.  It rips off musicians left and right

Apple used to make great computers. They were the go to for filmmakers, artists and musicians.  However, they’ve gotten worse over the years.  Unless you are trapped into using proprietary software like Logic to record with, you can likely buy more processing power for less dough with a pc. And Apple, in all their infinite wisdom has been removing the ports that many people into recording music need.

Now another thing indirectly related to this, these companies profit by selling their stuff for very low margins.  Just think, if you go into Best Buy, the salesman will try to upsell you other items such as warranties if you buy an ipad.  You know why? Because he doesn’t make shit from selling an expensive product.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is playing a similar game

In my opinion, these tech companies have too much power….

I’m no fan of Alex Jones but why should a crooked tech company tell me I can’t listen to his crazy rantings???

We live in a fucked up place when dudes like Alex Jones and Larry Flynt are the proponents of free speech…



7 thoughts on “…my loose, tangental thoughts on Alex “the man with the biggest manboobs in texas” Jones’s “banning”/”deplatforming…”

  1. Some guy proposed to cut up tech companies and counterbalance their monopoly. Hell, they exchange information between one another and coordinate as one single entity. The woulds still be able to do that but in a more decentralized way.

    1. It is feasible to liquidate or banish the upper management of companies formed after splitting internet monopolies. That way, they are truly separate and new people who fill those positions will be most unwilling to risk cartel behavior.

  2. Glad that this disgusting shit is banned.

    All the right wing trash making excuses for this blatant false accuser disgusts me.

    1. Have you heard of despicable male feminist Michael Kimmel being accused of sexual harassment? While it is possible that it is a false accusation, should we hope that he is brought down regardless because his hatefull words have likely driven a low status man or two to take their own lives?

  3. Here is an unpleasant, but realistic, prediction about the almost inevitable blow-back to large corporations trying to censor right-wingers.

    Sooner, or later, some right-wing nutter is going to practice his 2nd amendment rights on a few employees of some large internet monopoly. And given the amount of animosity I have recently seen among that crowd towards internet monopolies, that person (most likely a ‘he’) will inspire multiple copycats.

    1. already happened but “she” was a vegan and likely not “right wing.” And although dismissed as “nuts” likely had a valid insight into some of Youtube’s inner workings…

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