…avoid anyone into bdsm, especially “findoms”…

Okay, luckily I’ve had little real life contact with sickos into BDSM. Unfortunately, these lowlifes have contacted me online (yes online is a dangerous place.)  Two of these weirdos even posted on this blog in the comments.  I’m glad I will most likely never meet them IRL.

As a low status man, I have been told never,ever hit a womyn, even in self defense.  BDSM sickos will basically say you are not a real man unless you hit a womyn (with a safe word of course.)  And they will go further and say you aren’t a real man unless  you let a womyn hit you. And not only that, for the “privilege” of being a puncher/punching bag, you can pay more than to see a doctor…


This creep thinks “liberating men’s sexuality” means castrating us, punching us and turning us into “pay pigs.”


It’s no wonder it is endorsed by bigots who hate low status men, err, I man empowerrd feminist wimyn.


I guess the scamming is so prevalent, dommes sell advice the way puatards call themselves “anti-pua” and pretend they are the truth telles..


I’ve always had a sick feeling in my stomach when it came to lecherous feMRA’s like Typhone Blue And Girl Writes What.

but I guess it gets worse…

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