…why are so many MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s avidly pro-prostitution???

Okay, so let me start off by saying the gist of this post is not to shame a 25 year old virgin who wanted to see what sex was like and then paid a hooker. And, it’s not even the point to shame a dude who very rarely, like maybe less than three times a year bangs a prostitute. But for the dudes that could have an IRA as fat as Matt Forney if they didn’t bang hookers every other weekend, what the fuck are ya doing? Let’s get another thing clear, I absolutely do not believe the government should regulate morality and believe that drugs should be 100% legal. With that line of thought, the government should not care what two consenting adults decide to do. So on a political level I guess I support the legalization of prostitution, just no where near as avidly as I support drug legalization. And another thing, I do not believe that women should be forced into prostitution, just as I don’t feel that men should be forced into military conscription.

The question begs to be asked why so many MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s are so avidly pro-prostitution? They have arguments like “if it was legal, you wouldn’t have another Elliot Rodgers.” They conveniently forget that it is legal in Nevada but it is expensive, so only rich farts like Elliot could afford it anyways.

In the most literal sense, paying a hooker is the definition of transferring wealth from men to women. So why are MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s so gung-ho (haha, get it hoe, I almost made a pun) about this?

5 thoughts on “…why are so many MGTOW’s and M(h)RA’s avidly pro-prostitution???

  1. >They conveniently forget that it is legal in Nevada but it is expensive

    But it’s nowhere near as expensive here in Europe.

    >only rich farts like Elliot could afford it anyways

    His problem wasn’t getting laid, his problem was not being wanted and approached by the hottest blondes on campus. If you ever get bored enough to read his manifesto I recommend you do it, because it’ll reveal that he was a full-blown narcissist, not the average incel who is either autistic, morbidly obese or physically deformed (at birth or later in life).

  2. No such thing as an incel.

    Also it is interesting you focus on what these so called incels look like, or you call them autistic.

    lack of status or money is the number on cause of being sexless, or not being in a relationship. Ugly socially awkward men can get sex if they have status or money. They can get into shitty exploitative relationships

  3. Answer: Because they’re stupid.

    I’m a totalitarian who believes that women should be punished if they don’t enjoy cock. Feminists whine about “slut shaming,” but I think that we need to do the opposite: prude shaming. Also, whore shaming would be good, as well. We need to encourage sluts and call all women who don’t like cock dykes or asexuals. (because that’s what they are) Women are supposed to like cock, and they’re supposed to want to fuck any man that they see for free.

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