Why was it so easy for the Alt-Reich to Infiltrate MGTOW?

As I’ve watched MGTOW degenerate into a bunch of crybabies who (ironically) think they are better than everyone else, the question that has to be asked, why was it so easy for the Alt-Reich to infiltrate MGTOW?

For example, if a dude really swore of marriage and decided that he had given up on the provider/protector role, why would he care about the “rapes in Cologne” ™ ???

If that dubious shit even happened, it would be an issue for feminism and not MGTOW. But the feminazi’s were mysteriously silent. And it’s not like feminazi’s to be mysteriously silent as they whine and cry about how EVERYTHING triggers them.

When the Alt-Reichers whine and cry about about “white genocide” ™ MGTOW’s response should’ve been to laugh at them, not sympathize.

My understanding was that Ziggy Stardusk couldn’t get a white chick, not even a fat one. So he went to Korea where he got in an abusive relationshit with an Asian broad. Then he moved to Germany and now he e-begs for donations while crying about the muzzies. I bet he spends some of that e-begged money on Eastern European hookers: http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/welcome-to-paradise/ If you gave him money thinking you were “helping men” and he transferred his wealth right to womyn, well, were you cuck’d??? Enquiring minds wanna know…whitegenocidescam

5 thoughts on “Why was it so easy for the Alt-Reich to Infiltrate MGTOW?

  1. The Cologne thing (about which I haven’t given a shit about) has somehow kicke off the proliferation of the alt-right spirit. I know a leftleaning dude who started to post immigration critical content on socialmedia. It’s funny, too how he’s obsessed with the Alpha/Beta dichotomy, i.e. shitting on lower status men, while he has endured a relationshit with a crazy queer feminist.

    1. How much does invention of “Islamic rape culture” meme correlate with the rise of Alt-Right/Alt-Lite/anti-immigration movement? Is there a decent analysis anywhere?

      To be honest, Stardusk did not buy into “brown rape” story, and he does not even claim that Islam oppressed women. He is very anti-Islamic though, but not for gynocentric reasons. You gotta give him that at least.

  2. I’d rather spend my money on ”fashion and style” (God I hate those words and any man or woman interested in them) than on some pale, coked out cum dumpster. I just hate fashion and style is what I wanted to convey.

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