Trigger Warning: This Blog is Not Pro-Male

First of all, I don’t even really know what the wording “pro-male” means. But, I will not pass someone’s litmus test. I might get told I need to be “pro-male.” Then I will be attacked by Alt-Reich pieces of shit, and then I will make a meme about Jack Don-o-van that some crybaby calls “homophobic.” Never mind that Jagoff and the Alt-rightfartstars say I’m “subhuman” due to some pseudoscience called HBD. I don’t see these guys wagging their finger at Jagoff Don-o-van and the Alt-Right White only bathhouse crew.

I will say offensive stuff just to be funny.

I will say politically uncorrect things.

I will say “shaming language.”

I will post videos by Black Sabbath even though Sharon Osbourne is an anti-male cunt. (I actually know a feminist who referred to Sharon as a cunt!)

Just as I butted heads with MGTOWs and M(h)RA’, I am a weirdo with my own views on the world. Not an idealogue. I may be an asshole, but I’m not your asshole, so you don’t get to fuck me!!!!