Trigger Warning: This Blog is Not Pro-Male

First of all, I don’t even really know what the wording “pro-male” means. But, I will not pass someone’s litmus test. I might get told I need to be “pro-male.” Then I will be attacked by Alt-Reich pieces of shit, and then I will make a meme about Jack Don-o-van that some crybaby calls “homophobic.” Never mind that Jagoff and the Alt-rightfartstars say I’m “subhuman” due to some pseudoscience called HBD. I don’t see these guys wagging their finger at Jagoff Don-o-van and the Alt-Right White only bathhouse crew.

I will say offensive stuff just to be funny.

I will say politically uncorrect things.

I will say “shaming language.”

I will post videos by Black Sabbath even though Sharon Osbourne is an anti-male cunt. (I actually know a feminist who referred to Sharon as a cunt!)

Just as I butted heads with MGTOWs and M(h)RA’, I am a weirdo with my own views on the world. Not an idealogue. I may be an asshole, but I’m not your asshole, so you don’t get to fuck me!!!!

18 thoughts on “Trigger Warning: This Blog is Not Pro-Male

    1. Never was a fan of Turd Sucking Flunkey…

      Here was my attempt at logical debate:

      Notice no one engaged me. You can’t see it now but there used to be a downvote button and I had about 90-100 downvotes. Not one of those mutherfuckers had one thing to say in response. But I’m an asshole because I didn’t use the right “tone” against CS MGCOW, Maxipad Hydrogen or Barbarabrowski.

      I didn’t really know who Coltain was until you talked about him and I never really even bothered watching a full video, so I don’t know why I am being compared to that mutherfucker. It’s like when some goddamned feminist compared me to Paulie Boi Elam. But since I don’t know enough about Colttaine to hate him I don’t really feel bad.

      1. Yes, and I am a mixed race men, there is this group of other “men” called the alt-right who shit on me just as aggressively as feminists. I don’t see you, Kirea, Pleasure to Tharsh, Or Male Sentient attacking those guys. And I won’t stand along the Alt-Right out of some “we are all men” when they don’t feel that way and would exploit me…

      2. I have done plenty of videos attacking the alt right.

        When have I ever stood with the alt right?

        The alt right pick on out group and low status men. Then you complain about them. I thought you was pro you, not pro male.

        you have to make your mind up on this issue.

      3. I don’t know what you are talking about. We are against racism and the alt-right. Racism is tied to male-on-male hostility and mate guarding. The alt-right is a refuge for frustrated low-status men who want to attack other groups of men. Being pro-male does not mean that men are allowed to do whatever they want with impunity.

      4. yeah, no thanks, I’ve dealt with you “liberal progressive” types before. When push comes to shove you’ll side with someone like Jack Don-0-van because one time at stonewall in 1968 someone made a vaguely anti-gay joke. Yet you’ll shit all over a halfbreed like me.

        Nope, not dealing with that again…

      5. “yeah, no thanks, I’ve dealt with you “liberal progressive” types before. When push comes to shove you’ll side with someone like Jack Don-0-van because one time at stonewall in 1968 someone made a vaguely anti-gay joke. Yet you’ll shit all over a halfbreed like me.

        Nope, not dealing with that again…”

        Stoner why tdo you strawman people so blatantly.

        You are accusing Kirea of being a racist, you are acting like a left wing loon.

        Why are you so obsessed with Jack Don O van?

      6. You keep bringing up Jack Donovan. You want to have “rough sweaty sex without rubbers” with him but he’s not interested? It that the problem?

      7. hahaha, you went for “the lowest hanging fruit.” Wait, did I just make a pun? Okay, here’s the deal. All these authoritarian, liberal progressive movements ALWAYS put gay, racist white guys above me on a heirarchy. That’s assholes like Paulie Boi Elam, Barbarabrowski, the Democratic party and condescending commentors like Tarnished “Sophia,” Clarence in Baltimore and your lovely self. You thought you could attack me on my own blog, yet get me to work for free on whatever your goals are all while ignoring my own self interest. While you were being self righteous, I was testing you and you failed. Just like the rest. I will not work alongside motherfuckers who expect me to be second class against some piece of shit like Donovan. nd if you think calling me a foggot hurts my fewings, well get this motherfucker. If I could flick a switch and be a gay white guy, I sure as fuck would. It would be like playing a video game on the second easiest setting. The easiest being a fucking womyn. And even if I was gay, I wouldn’t fuck you or Jagoff Don-0-van, it’s called having standards.

  1. As a “low status” man, even I can’t stand whiny men. With many of them boasting about their investment and bitcoins, I’ll love to have their problems.

    1. Just watch those assholes dehmand a gov’t bailout if their precious $#itcoin goes to zero. Y’know what I say, “There’s no feminists on a sinking ship and no libertarians when the only work available is back breaking labor for pennies on the dollar.”

      1. That’s stupid. The reason does guys got into bitcoin was to rid themselves of this god awful banking system that sucks the soul out of decent people.

      2. I think you are conflating block chain technology with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has already had 2 crashes, remember 2013/2014 when it was around a grand for one bitcoin then a few months later, you could get ’em for a couple hundred? Then it hit 20k around xmas and now it’s what, 6k? That’s pretty unstable. I mean maybe it’ll be worth a million bucks like Libertarian tough guy John McAfee hopes and maybe Mr. Blackpill’s “going Ghost by Going Into Space will become a thing in the next 10 years. But both are highly unlikely.

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