…bitcoin won’t save low status men…

Okay, guys…

Probably the worst thing about Alex Jones was how many of his loony conspiracy theories clogged up men’s spaces. Men could’ve been discussing actionable strategies to improve their lot in life but instead AJ was trying to sell you boner pills that would probably make you sick. Two things that I’ve seen men talking about that I can’t put much stock into are: A) Going to Space to Avoid Womyn & B) “Investing” into bitcoin.

As far as A, well, I doubt “consumer” space travel will be available in the next few years. And if it is, it will only be available to billionaires and perhaps a few multi-millionaires.

As far as “bitcoin”-there are two things to talk about: 1) Blockchain Technology and 2) “Is Bitcoin and Investment Tool.” I will say that it is possible and even likely that blockchain technology will change how we exchange money with others. However, this isn’t really in the scope of what I want to talk about today.

As far as number two, we have already seen Bitcoin crash twice. Bitcoin approached about a grand per bitcoin sometime in late 2013 or early 2014, a few months later it was worth only a few hundred. And at it’s lowest point was somewhere around $200. Around Xmas or New Years, it was up to almost $20k. Just think, one bitcoin was worth almost the price of a new car. Now one bitcoin could get you a used car with probably 100,000 miles on it.

Is it possible to have made money with bitcoin? Certainly. But that involves two things, getting in at “the right time” and getting out at “the right time.” Is it possible that bitcoin will start soaring again? Well, almost anything is possible. However, it is highly risky as an investment strategy.

Now, this gets down to the crux of the matter for me. It is all well and good if guys had honest conversations about Bitcoin AND the risks. However, when only the “upside” is talked about, it is like giving guys without much hope faerie dust. This is shows one problem endemic in “men’s spaces.” Guys sell snakeoil when what is needed is solutions. I don’t know why this is the case but it is…

6 thoughts on “…bitcoin won’t save low status men…

  1. I’m reminded of the sucker at the poker table wondering who the sucker is.

    When it’s being sold to you the real money’s already been made and the smart money’s already left.

    1. Alright, where do I start… Robert Kennedy was known to be a “little Harvey Weinstein.” So that there is funny. The system is broken, ie people waiting for trial for over a year (and the Constitution guarantee’s a speedy trial.) I believe (non-violent) drug offenders should get leniency but not necessarily violent offenders. Of course those sleazy Kennedy’s want to save the crazy broads. I bet they luv Crooked Hillary and Nasty Asia Argento. Maybe NY should be like the left coast…


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