An Article I would like to Post at MAting Selfishness…

I used to contribute to a blog called Mating Selfishness years back. I would like to post an article with questions open to that blog:

Since the 2012-2013 time frame when this blog was at it’s apex, we’ve seen a few changes in the world around us. The “alt-right” were just a bunch of freakish losers who screamed at places like Inmalafide. No one could’ve imagined thing like a reality television star becoming president or Brexit. MGTOW went from a bunch of guys quietly discussing strategies on blogs to “Youtube celebities” like BarBar and Stardusk.

A few years later, we have guys who supposedly didn’t give a shit about such things crying about “rapes in cologne.” The point of the post isn’t to prove or disprove such claims, merely to point out that this seems like a topic for rape obsessed feminists to cry about rather than so-called MGTOW’s. So it seems strange to me that this became a rallying point for so-called MGTOW’s. Also, it seemed (sadly to me) that many in the alt-right were infiltrating MGTOW communities.

One is left to ask a few questions. Why would the alt-right with their obsessions with “white genocide” be able to infiltrate a group of men “going their won way? Shouldn’t such a collection of guys be impervious to such infiltration? And what exactly is the point of the alt-right’s racism? We have observed many alt-right men hooking up[ with Asian women (therefore unable to have white babies.) So one is left to ask if the racism of the alt-right is merely a tool for sexual selection at the expense of other men. And the next question that follows, were most of the old guard of MGTOW’s actually going their own way?

Re-RePrint: Don’t Read if Easily Grossed out

–Originally Posted on June 20, 2011–

2nd warning,don’t read if easily grossed out….

Really, it’s on you if you read this and are grossed out, three warnings, how many can I give 😉

I had a very greasy California Burrito today–did not realize the ramifications it would cause. Casually, I drove by the Adult Bookstore. Today was not to be like other days. On this grand day, I would investigate. The morning had proved hectic; rushed and unpleasant. Due to time constraints, I had not performed my morning masturbation ritual. Feeling horny, I perused the section with Live Girls in neon lights. A raven haired beauty lured me into a small booth. She explained how to putt money into a vending-like machine. She said “Make yourself comfortable.”

The kleenex box on the wall implied that many events of voyeurism combined with self-pleasure went on in this dark, dank room. I undressed, fastidiously putting my shirt and trousers on the door hook. All the while leaving my sneakers on. My heart began racing. I putt a crisp twenty into the machine and saw the lovely vixen undo her bikini top. Unabashedly, I began stroking my rapidly engorging member. She got up close to the glass. Her breath was like frost as she stuck out her pierced tongue and made muffled cooing sounds. Withing seconds, I was at full mast. My day had improved by leaps and bounds since this dreadful, dreary morning. My vigorous self pleasuring had left my strong hand exhausted. I switched to my less dominant hand as the show got better. The lovely woman took off her bikini bottoms. She began touching her beautiful vagina. I noticed some wetness, and it seemed that she was also aroused. I observed her many tattoos. One looked like a skull emitting blue flames. On her right arm was the beginning of a sleeve of astrological/astronomical ink. The back of her left thigh had a symbol that seemed similar to a yin yang. Not only was she beautiful but her mythical markings were ones only an interesting person would choose. I really wanted to hug and kiss this awesome stranger. The glass was a mortal enemy that made this encounter almost fantasy. As electrified pleasure shot from the nerve endings in my penis, my mind raced. I wanted to whisper so many nothings to this exquisite creature.

A partition started coming down, indicating that this show and the high point of my day was ending. The pallid but delicately beautiful goddess blew me a parting kiss. I was left in near darkness to saviour my moment. With intense pressure, spermatazoa flew onto the glass. Perhaps only a tablespoon of baby batter went to splatter–it felt as if a whole gallon of milky fluid shot from my cock. The release was intense; it was if a migraine headache instantly left. The heavy feeling in the back of my testicles was now gone. I felt fifteen pounds lighter. My whole body instantly relaxed. I could feel sweat dripping down the small of my back.
Sadly, I inform you; as above mentioned–my whole body relaxed. This is not a fortuitous event when one has consumed a greasy California Burrito beforehand. The next sensation was agonizingly familiar to anyone unlucky enough to crap their pants. It was the trepidacious feeling of no return. I had perhaps two seconds before a messy incident. There were markedly few options available to me. Thoughtlessly, I aimed my buttocks towards a wastebasket filled with crumpled tissues. I felt as if my anus had become a jet spray. Some of the lava-like excrement dripped along my butt-cheeks. By favorable chance, this fine establishment had provided a prodigious supply of kleenex. I was able to save myself the low grade humiliation of a soiled pair of “tightey whitey’s”. Inexorably, I thoroughly wiped my bunghole to a state of sorness.

There was a dull knock on the door. “Hurry up, there’s a line…” barked an unsympathetic female voice. Haphazardly but hurriedly, I dressed in the dim, confined room. I pulled a five dollar bill as gratuity for the beauty who had provided me with immense, unforgettable erotic joy. I quickly exited the small enclave–meekly handing her the tip. Abandoned were all my hopes of striking up amusing banter with the exquisite creature. I figured my best option was to make a haste escape before the malodorous foulness entered her precious nostrils. With my ambitions dashed, I headed out with my head hung low. A beautiful blond in another booth smiled at me. Glancing back I returned her gregarious expression. (I would love to experience ten minutes of bliss with this amorous bombshell). My pocketbook was lighter, so were my bowels. I had just experienced the two greatest releases a man can experience within momments of each other-Orgasm & Excretion. Do not pity me. ‘Fore there is always another day for another swashbuckling adventure. If you must, feel sorry for the poor schmuck who went in after me