An Article I would like to Post at MAting Selfishness…

I used to contribute to a blog called Mating Selfishness years back. I would like to post an article with questions open to that blog:

Since the 2012-2013 time frame when this blog was at it’s apex, we’ve seen a few changes in the world around us. The “alt-right” were just a bunch of freakish losers who screamed at places like Inmalafide. No one could’ve imagined thing like a reality television star becoming president or Brexit. MGTOW went from a bunch of guys quietly discussing strategies on blogs to “Youtube celebities” like BarBar and Stardusk.

A few years later, we have guys who supposedly didn’t give a shit about such things crying about “rapes in cologne.” The point of the post isn’t to prove or disprove such claims, merely to point out that this seems like a topic for rape obsessed feminists to cry about rather than so-called MGTOW’s. So it seems strange to me that this became a rallying point for so-called MGTOW’s. Also, it seemed (sadly to me) that many in the alt-right were infiltrating MGTOW communities.

One is left to ask a few questions. Why would the alt-right with their obsessions with “white genocide” be able to infiltrate a group of men “going their won way? Shouldn’t such a collection of guys be impervious to such infiltration? And what exactly is the point of the alt-right’s racism? We have observed many alt-right men hooking up[ with Asian women (therefore unable to have white babies.) So one is left to ask if the racism of the alt-right is merely a tool for sexual selection at the expense of other men. And the next question that follows, were most of the old guard of MGTOW’s actually going their own way?

5 thoughts on “An Article I would like to Post at MAting Selfishness…

  1. Because they were never MGTOWs in first place? I mean.. wasn’t that always obvious? Also, my very old posts about how social media and ubiquitous internet would change the space within which political systems could function were very prescient.

  2. I think that, despite the fact that so many men’s rights advocates hate to admit it, there is an awful lot of crossover between the men’s rights movement and conservative politics. Since both groups are drawn to conservative politics, it makes sense that they would be pals.

      1. I agree. Too many men’s rights activists are too stupid to see this, so they go along (generally, at least) with the conservative agenda.

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