The legal drug in the capitalist marketplace…

“Caffeine is the ideal drug for our hyper-capitalist culture, which venerates productivity, especially of wealth, over all other values. Paul Erdos liked to call mathematicians machines for turning coffee into theorems, a joke with a hard truth embedded in it. Caffeine is antithetical to mindfulness, that is, rose-smelling, cloud-watching, paying attention to things and people for their own sake. Caffeine fosters an impatience that erodes enjoyment of the best things in life, such as love, friendship, eating, exercise and work itself.”

I would get a huge 32 ounce iced coffee at 7-11 when I was a delivery driver. In fact, that was often the high point of my day. When I worked in boiler-rooms, there was an endless supply of off brand coffee. In fact, I would always mix my coffee with water to stay hydrated (and the stuff was so bitter tasting.) I’ve often seen liberals spout the health benefits of coffee and red wine the way manurespherians tout the health benefits of nootropics and other shady Alex Jones style “boner pills.” In fact, I still find myself “rewarding” myself after I complete a task I didn’t want to do with a large 7-11 iced coffee or sometimes a hot chocolate. I wonder how much time people would spend on tasks they dislike if they decreased their caffeine intake…

One thought on “The legal drug in the capitalist marketplace…

  1. I know that it is unrelated but i have made a comment on ADs blog describing how my teens were,since you also had a troubled upbringing i would like to hear what you think.

    I have been treated like garbage by my aunt who lived together my mother throughout all my teens,she hated my father(seeing how crazy a couple my mother and aunt were the guy,after an initial invitation to my mother to go live with him,decided to keep his distance,still he sent and still sends a pretty nice amount of child support money) and by extension she hated me even going as far as to often screaming that i was like my father,even though the only fault the guy had was to bail and leave me with a crazy and evil aunt.
    Insults,threaths and scream were directed at me for little to no reason pretty much every,it could go on for hour and if i went to my room she would scream from outside the door.
    I had to grow up being subjected to unceasing hostility,having a relation of codependency with her sister my mother,despite being a pretty decent and smart person,always turned a blind eye to the way she treated me but if i got angry had no problem defending her behaviour.
    This treatment caused deep anxiety and depression,which negatively affected the friendships i had during high school.
    It was a really shitty period,i had no one to help me with my horrible family life and i was regarded as *rowdy teen* that was too undisciplined,too loud when talking and played video games too much,
    For that i was forced to go to a psychologist that would guilt trip me and i had to take medication.
    Basically(with a few remarkable and much appreciated exceptions) i was treated by adults around me as just a big inconvenience for my mother and aunt,after all they were two women undertaking the daunting task of raising a boy alone.
    But actually it could not have been that hard to raise me,my mother had received a large inheritance from her husband that killed himself(from what she told me her husband was suicidal even before meeting my mother so she was not the cause of his suicide though) before she met my father and had me so although most of it has been squandered also right when i was born my aunt took the chance to retire early after having worked only 20 years with the justification that she would have helped my mother take care of me and also because she was hated by the people she used to work due to her being a rude and mean person.
    Funny thing is that since she never had any friends she spends her time raising cats now and she keeps 20 of them in her apartment lol.

    The reason i made this long comment is that from my own personal experience,as a man,even when you are still young if you are in a fragile state or confused no one will take pity on you or have any compassion or understanding,let alone forgiveness,quite the contrary,people will be very happy to belittle,demean you and treat you very harshly over small nothings.

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