…Piss Bottle Blues Revisited…

…basically this article is a must read…


…yeah, how come all these “pro-male” Miggytoes and M(h)RA’s never talk about stuff like this? As strange as it sounds, it was really nice to read this because at times, I felt it was “all in my head.” …just because your paranoid does not mean they aren’t after you…

One thought on “…Piss Bottle Blues Revisited…

  1. “Pro male” M(h)RA view low-status men as a utility just like “mainstream” M(h)RA do. When pro male men were part of MGTOW they were just another bunch of hijackers like the alt-right fuckers. Then they go: “Errh, the MGTOW is useless, men don’t want to do anything [we want to dictate them to do], blahblahblah, [let’s troll MGTOW because that’s where our potential recruits are].”

    I honestly believe at this point that concerns of AMS over MGTOW being overflooded with scum were secondary to him seeing a possible outlet to recruit drones he can command. He wasn’t the only one growing increasingly dissatisfied with the MGTOW label, so he thought this might be a chance to pull the blanket.

    AMS’s “military doctrine” is to do anything he declares “pro male” discounting any costs this might incur. AMS won’t care if he throws low-status men under the bus if it means gains for his “movement”. As far as pro male men are concerned, everything and everyone is expendable in the quest for the holy grail.

    The attitude of pro male men (gaslighting, guilt tripping, extreme rudeness, spamming, blame avoidance, passive aggressiveness, plausible deniability, plain old bullying and dehumanization) also shouldn’t be surprising. After all, they are quite honest about their intentions. Just listen to what this AMS’s sock account says:

    AMS amply demonstrated his unwillinness to act in good faith. Everyone trying to engage him please do so at your own risk.

    You have been warned.

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