What happened to Omega Virgin Revolt?

What’s up guys…

It just struck me as odd that we have not seen any new posts from OVR/Mr.Black Pill/The Man in the High Castle orwhateverthufuck his new name is. His last post discussed the suicide of Anthony Bourdain and it was strange not to see any follow up when it was revealed just how much of a sociopathic creep Asia Argento is. He could’ve easily gloated victory and said “I was even more right than I thought.” However, he has seemingly disappeared. I suppose his disappearance of a few months is nothing compared to Barbarbrowski’s multi-year “hiatus.” And, as far as I know, he never e-begged for money. So, as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t owe any of us an explanation. Whether he left because of boredom or because he is too busy earning money with his I.T. company during the day and banging expensive prostitutes during the night and weekends, that’s his choice.

I originally posted at his blog because unlike most other places, I could openly say what I thought about white trashionalists like Jagoff Don-0-van and trickly Dickie Spencer without the banhammer coming down. I thought he wrote one or two groundbreaking articles such as introducing the concept of “the reserves” and how it is truly poisonous to low-status men. I was slowly but surely moving away from that place as the general gist was more “right wing” and “pro-incel” than my personal world view. And, I was disappointed to see little pushback when someone who openly identified as “manosphere” lied and crapped on people. The disappointment was similar to when “libertarian tough guys” overran sheddingoftheego or when authoritarian collectivist left-leaning men relentlessly attacked me because I didn’t want to join them.

I remember when feminist critics, a “progressive” blog turned to the tumbleweeds. I found this strange as they used to have tons of comments. However, after the failure of the Democratic party, I think they realized that they didn’t have solutions for low-status men and low-status men no longer saw pandering to feminists that hated them as a viable strategy. I am surprised that OVR dissappeared, though, as a few things he pointed out have some truth and he could’ve said “I was right.” I suppose that a one man blog always has the risk of dissappearing as dude could get bored, burnt out or distracted by other shit. So Mr. Blackpill, if you see this between nailing some overpriced escort’s feel free to leave a comment. Just remeber, no matter how much those chicks tell ya they love ya or offer a discount, don’t like that cotchie cause you don’t wanna get throat cancer like this dude did:

3 thoughts on “What happened to Omega Virgin Revolt?

  1. Good question… he used to post about false accusations that happened to him, maybe they got to him this time.

    By the way, almost every MGTOW channel on youtube is demonetized now… those who aren’t in only for “the cause” have turned up e-begging to the max. What did they expect? That an overly gynocentric platform will continue to give them ad revenue?

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