…how come it is okay to bash short men???

Advipoops Diapercrapacaoli has an article bashing assholes like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. Usually I’d be on board cause I hate those motherfuckers. But he is using a common feminist trope, bashing a man for his lack of physical stature. I’ve noticed you aren’t allowed to make gay jokes these days. You can’t make jokes about fatties. But bash the little men all day long and the liberals will laugh right with you. And the king of the manlets, Bill Maher will also laugh with you. That’s because he’s rich and like advocatus diaboli, gets to nail prostitutes. But for a low status short guy, he’s shit outta luck and society blames him for everything…

4 thoughts on “…how come it is okay to bash short men???

  1. It is not their stature, per se, which makes them reprehensible. It is how that factor affects their perception of themselves, those around them and worldview in general. It seems that many men with these characteristics end up being overtly feminine, unusually greedy, passive-aggressive and underhanded sociopathic assholes.

    Perhaps most jarringly, they want others to constantly tell them that they are good people who are leading an effort to change the world for the better- which is a big sack of lies. Contrast this to your other common type of sociopath and asshole who is (at least) more upfront about his true desires and needs- regardless of what others think about him.

    1. The preference for brawn of over brains you have shown in your posts is typical of right wing scumbags,in one of the older posts of your blog you even criticize indian men for being merchant types and not being good enough warriors.
      You might rightfully dislike those guys but this stupid shit about height is something you would expect from a scummy pick up reject.

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