“I am not pro-male, I am pro-me”

I literally never said these words, but they have been put in my mouth. For someone who wants to do the research, they can find what I actually said. And I will expand on that here. After the failures of MGTOW, there was no way I wanted to be part of some kind of “pro male collective.” MGTOW was supposed to be a leaderless resource where low-status men shared survival tactics. Nothing less and nothing more. Something so utilitarian has nothing for sociopathic narcissists looking to make a quick buck on Youtube. Barbarrossa, Sandman and Stardusk- want nothing to do with them. And in fact, I view them with the same disdain that I view Paul Elam and John the Other.

I would be wary of anyone who claims they are “pro-male” and view them with the same distrust as a feminist or M(h)RA. They likely have an agenda that is against your best interests and will assault you with accusations when you politely disagree with them. Just take being called misandrist, lazy or homophobic with the same humor as being called misogynist and these fuckers will have no power over you.

So with that “I am not pro-male, I am pro-me.” That statement keeps me outta other people’s wars….

I have been working like a dog (what a strange phrase, most dogs I know live lives of leisure) lately. I clock allot of hours at a job I don’t like. I don’t go out much except for the occasional rock/metal show. I dislike being around people. I went on a used car lot and test drove a truck. It was okay. I realized I could buy it free and clear with the cash I had in my money market account. I also thought maybe I’ll just drive the fucker I got now into the ground. And it’s got 200,000 plus miles– haha, the illegals laugh at my beater… A co-worker told me if I cleaned up my appearance a little, I could pick up women on dating websites. I now have enough cash that I could buy women dinners, but that sounds even more demeaning than giving a prostitute money for something she probably enjoys more than I do. Old MGTOW talked about going “ghost.” SCAMTOW e-begged for money on Pooh-tube and patreon in exchange for snake-oil as useless as what PUA’s sold. I would like to go ghost… Or maybe I’ll lose my job, collect UI and drive my beater into the ground.

If you are a normie and you are reading this, and it doesn’t make any sense, well… Good, you don’t want it to make sense. Some things you are better off not knowing. If this does make sense, you have seen the sewer that is “men’s right’s,” “MGTOW” and all that other fake pro-male shit which isn’t pro-male in any way. Sucks to be you. If you don’t like what I had to say, good, I am quite glad that I have a better chance of winning the lottery than meeting you in real life.

6 thoughts on ““I am not pro-male, I am pro-me”

  1. MGTOW is very toxic towards low status men, its like your talking to feminists themselves when you explain your problems to them. for the most part i’ve left them alone.

    1. Quite frankly that’s like saying if you don’t vote you have no right to complain about the gov’t. I voted third party, no way I’d vote for crooked Hillary and I just thought Don the Con was a fast talking school yard bully. But I have no problem with someone who didn’t bother to vote at all because they believe that both party’s in America are irredeemably corrupt. And with that analogy I will say “men’s right’s”/MGTOW/”pro-male” spaces is in my view irrevocably corrupt.

      And on another note, the guy starting shit at OMVR with you said this about Tameralane: ” The same line of reason holds true here. Not many people can bother to read a long-winded explanation of why your position is the right one. By contrast, anyone can understand the primal hypocrisy of a closeted homosexual homophobe.”

      Ironically Tamerlane called me a homophobe because I made memes insulting Jack Donovan and Dickie Spencer. Funny how his opponent uses the same tactic against him. Either has never walked a day in my life and likely I’ve facewd more discrimination for being mixed race than being male. But I have to be “pro male” not “pro me,” even against scumfuck “men” like Jack Donovan, Turd Sucking Monkey and Stardusk. And those peices of shit would gladly stab me for 5 bucks if they could get away with it.

  2. The old mgtow ghost community had a lot of useful advice even for people wanting to get a good job without getting involved with social life bullshit, fake friends and horrible workplace politics.

    1. There was this blog on Blogspot, wish I archived copies by a British dude. It dissapearred one day. Hopefully he is healthy and happy. Ironically Barbarabrowski and Ziggy Stardusk would call him a “mangina” but unlike them, he didn’t ebeg for money.

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