The Jack Donovan Question…

…it goes something like this…

A scumbag like Male Sentient Void or Kirea (One of Tamerlane’s sockpuppets) will say….

“Why do you make meme’s of Jack Donovan, you are obsessed with him. It must be because you are secretly gay and want a really big penis up your bum.”

At the same time they are berating my blog, calling me a drug addict (and how come I’m not the one begging for money) and saying that I am not pro-male because my low status has psychologically damaged me. They call me useless but insist I join their worthless “pro male” collective which is anything but pro mixed race men such as myself.

The “story” of Jack Donovan is interesting in the same way the “story” of Harvey Weinstein is. Jack Donovan was able to penetrate (haha funny word choice) the manuresphere the way Harvey Weinstein was able to penetrate Hollywood circles. Some might say “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” But what this really shows us is how corrupt the manuresphere and Hollywood are to allow such shysters important roles.

Back in the day when I tried to work with MRA’s (yes, what was I thinking, how stupid could I be…) I would talk to an MRA called Ginko. He was a white guy and gay. He would whinge for hours about how gays were second class citizens. Yet the second I ever tried to talk about race, his attitude was all “Suck it up buttercup.” Yes he was essentially saying that my problems weren’t real but his problems were more important. He would recommend horrid people like Judgy Bitch. He even praised Jack Donovan on awful Honey Badger’s blog. I left this link to show how bad he is:

His response, “Not someone to preach on being a good man, but who better than someone like that to tear into bigots?”

Do you really expect a mixed race dude to “stand along” someone who is associated with a criminal organization like this:

The fact that I get extraordinarily negative reactions when I post JD meme’s just shows how corrupt men’s spaces are. It’s not just the “right wing” guys. Allot of liberals are racist scumbags:

Yeah, as far as scumbags like Tamerlane, Ginko or Male Sentient Void shouting at me and telling me my problems aren’t real, all I can say is I hope your fake men’s rights movements fail and you get exposed as the fraudsters you are. You do not care about low status men one single bit!

and here is a (f)article from teh SPLC with their golden faucets:

Notice how it’s Jackie D’s “misogyny” and not racism that is the problem… Fuck You liberals!