Bryan Singer is far worse than Harvey Weinstein

….first of all, Weinstein was doing his deeds with adult women, this Singer creep was hurting boys….

…likely both used “if you are going to scratch my back…” promises…

…at least one person Weinstein tried to “seduce” was able to escape and become greatly successful in spite of him…

who knows what really happened with The Harvster when you have an even bigger psychopath like Asia Argento….

stranger dreams…

I was on a mission to meet some guys who contacted me online. They said they needed someone like me to make their movement grow. To fight the good fight. And maybe there was some money on the table and maybe against my better judgement I was gonna do it. I was in a town I was never in before. Going up the back entrance to a seedy motel. And as I was about to go up a stairwell, a lady with dyed blonde hair and let’s say artificially enhanced breasts tried to wrap her arm around me. I thought she was going to try to steal my wallet. I ducked and tried to avoid her. She said, “You look good, luv. You surf?”I tried to make my way up a shoddy staircase. And her friend, an intimidating tattooed woman who looked like a bodybuilder blew stale cigarette smoke in my face and smiled. I bolted up several flights of stairs and heard them laughing. I got to the top floor as instructed. there were no numbers on the door but only one door. I knocked and a guy with a British accent said “what’s the code””a

“Fight ’em ’til you can’t fight ’em no more!”

The door swung open. One guy was fit looking with dirty blonde hair and busted teeth. The other was tall and obese. “Glad ye made eit mate!”

I quickly realized these guys were was different than their online personas and I was really scared. “Just a securetee percawshin'”

The first guy pulled out a pistol. The obese guy punched me in the stomach. I fell over as the wind was knocked outta me. The other guy pistol whipped me. Damn, that hurt. They duct taped my hands together and told me to lie on the floor. I heard a knock on the door.

“The bitches are here!” the fat man exclaimed.I heard running water then screaming and crying. I slowly freed myself from the duct tape as it tore the hairs from my arms. It was excruciating. I scavenged the room and found a gun, I also found a bag with cash and car keys. I crawled out into the main room. I had the gun in my right hand and the bag with keys and cash under my left arm. Luckily the carpeting muffled the sound of my movement. The bathroom door was partway open. I saw the muscular tatt’ed lady from before. Her face was covered in blood. She was soaking wet, in her undies and crying. She was facing me but her eyes were closed. I kept the gun aimed at her and wanted to shoot her but figured this was my chance to escape. I rolled onto my back and kept the gun aimed at the bathroom door. I could see the fat bastard. He had his pants around his ankles and was going at himself. He was looking at the tatt’ed lady and laughing. He didn’t look toward me. I could hear the fucker with the British accent and the cunt that tried to grab me before. I wanted to burst into the room and kill them all. But I could see an escape plan in my mind. I would find the car that the keys would open, I would drive it into a lake. I would take the cash and buy myself a train ticket and visit my estranged family. It was a solid plan. I crawled on my back to the door. I slowly stood with my back against the wall. The gun was still aimed at the bathroom door. I hoped on one of the motherfuckers would step out. I’ve never killed anyone before but I had a desire to see what it would be like. My right hand held the gun. My left arm had the cash and keys. My left hand slowly unlocked the door and twisted the door knob. I would be free.

I stepped out into the hallway and ran.

I awoke and my head hurt like hell. Jesus Christ and God Damnit, that shit was vivid.