…most “mgtow’s” are really faketows…

I’m pretty much over the whole mgtow movement and find that not only is it less than useless but when someone hounds me to check blackpilledtruetow69-666-11.81 orwhateverthefuck on youtube, that not only do I find myself leaving the video 43 seconds in due to horrid audio quality but also due to the fact that this movement doesn’t have anything left to say….

I’ve already pointed out that true men going their own way wouldn’t give one iota about the “raypes in cologne” regardless of whether they happened or not…

And I’ve also pointed out that a guy actually going his own way would not bother with the Jordan Petersonesque trope of “womyn these daze are less happy.” Why should a man going his own way care about such a topic…

Now one thing I find entertaining is when so-called mgtow lament the loss of wealth from uber-wealthy dudes like musk or bezos… do you think musk or bezos would do a thing to help a low status man such as yourself? why should you care if he loses billions of dollars? such a man would employ you and pay you as little money as he could and expect inhumane hours of labor in return. such a man is not your friend. you might say it is because you are united by gender that you should care about his loss. trust me, he doesn’t care about your problems and his addiction to pu$$y is not your problemo, brother. It s the same thing that I noticed when white trashionalists like Chuck Crudd at the now defunct GL piggy thought the RMoney would throw them a bone if elected to president. an ignorant racist like Crudd might think that Rmoney embraces identarian politics just as he does but he is downright stupid if he doesn’t realize that a high power man will leave him bleeding in a ditch just as quickly as he would leave a black man dying in a ditch. The only color Rmoney see’s is green. So why do low status men pander to high status men when nothing is returned? why do 30k millionaires talk libertarian tough guy talking points? Isn’t this literally the definition of “cuck?” To sacrifice yourself for someone who thinks you are a piece of shit?

And another thing I’ve noticed, when some guy poops on “survival tactics,” –run the other way. Because he is probably going to start the snake oil sales pitch and say that you have to buy his book or join his bullshit movement. All we can do at this stage of the game is exchange “survival tactics.” That’s not being defeatist, that is being realistic. We won’t defeat “gynocentricism” r libertarian tough guys any time soon. The most viable strategy is to survive as best as possible in these highly dysfunctional times…

Those are my observations…

14 thoughts on “…most “mgtow’s” are really faketows…

  1. “you might say it is because you are united by gender that you should care about his loss.”

    There’s no male brotherhood. “Pro male” men aren’t the brotherhood either.

    I thought at least they were sincere on the issue of circumcision (or is it “baby knife rape?”), which predominantly affects baby boys in the third world or boys of disadvantaged social/economic backgrounds.

    I was proven wrong. They don’t care about personal suffering of millions of babies getting their dicks cut.

    I followed their “gathering point” long enough to understand that they only use circumcision as a club to gain social dominance. If for some reason Tamerlame dislikes you he’ll ask humiliating pointless questions and if you fail the test he’ll just call you “pro cutter”. You of course don’t get to dish out the same treatment to him.

    They superficially posture as guys caring about circumcision only because they think they’ll be able to hijack it to turn it into a “pro male” issue. So they can talk about what’s really bothering them (btw, parental alienation and child support are the top issues for guys that won’t have kids anyway? now c’mon…)

    There were guys on Discord they shouted at for caring about baby dick cutting too much.

    So if I really must add anything it isn’t that men’s (lack of) rights bothers them. It’s them being just another bunch of slime twerps seeking subs and social dominance on the Internet. And feeling self-righteous, of course.

    To Tamerlame the entitled bitch personally (I know you and your above-it-all sidekick thegreatshebang still follow this blog, why don’t you unsub?):

    What’s up with your sock channel Save The Babies From Knife Rape? You promised to pump out at least two videos a week and I’ve not seen a single new one in two months.

    Your sock’s better to come out on “extended vacation” from work since you admitted personally you’ve nothing to do in the winter collecting unemployment benefits.

    And let’s pretend my post’d nothing to do with it, okay?

    1. Is kirea tamerlane? i have seen similar behaviour like tamerlane with msv,trevor and jpm. if they dislike you for bullshit reasons. they test you with pointless questions and gaslight you and call you a nutjob and then ban you.

      1. I came across kirea on youtube once, and that was one hell of a nasty bitch. She kept gaslighting us, denying our lived experiences and saying that it was all just a power fantasy… you know, like getting yelled at by a narcissistic bitch for years is a male power fantasy… yeah, right. I blocked her ass after a short while, I don’t need a feminist war hog scream in my ears.

      2. Did you follow this blog for a while or you wound up here after Tamerlame started to fling shit at Stoner?

        Tamerlame sure hates bad publicity, that’s why calling him and his subservient collective out helps to keep him from overtaking men’s spaces.

        I’d like to warn as many men about his true intentions to help them avoid a mistake of excess trust only because Tamerlame dons on the “pro male” facáde.

      3. I’ve followed Stoner for a while, but my WP account is new, that’s why you haven’t seen me here before. I’ve also seen Tamerlame fling shit at everyone on Youtube, and he only disappeared after getting doxxed by a fanatic of a different camp.

  2. Msv you are a racist cunt who does not qualify to preach pro male ideas. even though your ideas are correct you are not eligible to be a promale preacher. you are a fraud and a liar who accused me of lying without any reasons. you are a such a shithead you bitch. you are a fu*king snowflake you bitch getting triggered over nothing. bitch you are a mental retard too.
    I hope you got kicked out from that pro male collective. you should make a video that indians are not welcomed here.i think you are antiblack too. there is only one other reason you could possibly ban me its because you hate communists. you dont accept other peoples opinions you are a hypocrite you nasty cunt.
    Trevor asshole justpromale accused me of tradcon with no reason. had you banned him for that? i suspected kirea of being a tradcon because of valid reasons. you too are a racist bigot. jpm,msv and trevor all are racist scumbags.

  3. @stonerwithaboner wow superb man. i thought justpromale was the intelligent promale person on the earth. but you are intelligent than him. the fact that he is a racist bigot spoils his name.

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