…no desire to pair bond…

…I just realized something about myself which is probably quite obvious to everyone else…

I have no desire to pair bond or be in a serious relationship with a woman. I do have desires for sex and even physical closeness such as massages and kissing. But no desire for dating or relationships. I do think I am truly different than about 99 percent of men. I really dislike the company of other men and don’t like talking about “manly” shit. I don’t consider psychadelic drugs or heavy metal manly shit as most guys don’t like talking about that. I’ve reached this conclusion through observation.

Firstly, we can discuss a blogger Advocatus Diaboli. He advocates visiting prostitutes. Personally, I think the government should stay outta grown adults lives so I suppose it should be legal but I still think it is throwing away money to pay a woman for something she probably enjoys more than I do is stupid. If you have disposable income, just work less hours, bro. But I suspect he secretly craves a girlfriend. I’ve noticed he has repeatedly slammed that Harvey Weinstein dude. I’m not saying that the Harvster is a good dude but it seems hypocritical too me when dudes who consider themselves pussy hounds slam him. You would think that manosphere dudes and guys like AD would admire him. In real life I’ve seen “liberal” dudes slam him and these are “liberal” dudes who talk about slaying pussy just like some frat boy. I think these “liberal” dudes slam Harvey Weinstein so ladies will think they are “good guys” and open their legs for them. But secretly those dudes want to be like Harvey Weinstein. I gotta think that a guy like AD secretly resents handing over money for pussy and wishes he could score like Weinstein minus the legal complications. I think he just trashes Weinstein in the hope that appearing “liberal” will make a woman like him and have sex with him. So I think that secretly AD wants a girlfriend but acts “hard” to seem cool to everyone who reads his blog. He’s basically very similar to the “liberal” guys who berate me when I am very quiet whilst they brag about sex but always say the “right” things politically when womyn are around. He always presents the personna of someone who admires sociopaths, would it not follow that he would admire Harvey Weinstein? Not only is Harvey Weinstein a pu$$y slayer but he is also ugly. Those liberal guys get bent outta shape that an ugly guy is getting prime pu$$y. They think that way because it is a similar hierarchy that they perceive womyn think and they think womyn will like them more for thinking in a (presumably) similar fashion.

The next series of observations comes from watching “MGTOW” assholes. If they just wanted to bang hookers, they wouldn’t cry about “muzzy invayders.” They cry about this because they are worried about darker skinned men getting girlfriends while they cannot. And then they whinge about womyn’s happiness levels declining. They whinge about this because they secretly hope womyn who have ignored them their whole lives will “take them back.” It is not womyn trying to “lure” hem back to the plantation. It is their fantasy that womyn will “need” them and offer not just sex but companionship and loyalty.

So I consider myself an outlier among men. How did I get here? Was it nature? Am I somehow higher on dark triad traits than these other guys and I like being alone for extended times? Was it nurture? I suspect it was nurture. I watched my parents beat each other when I was a small child. I also had to listen to my mean feminist mother say what a failure my father was. She often beat me and my father slapped me around a bit too. I never wanted to get married or have a serious relationship as it meant being abused. Single life meant freedom and loneliness is something easily blunted with a little bit of weed, some videogames or music. But I realize, most guys aren’t just addicted to pu$$y but validation from womyn. The pu$$y I get but not the validation.

And this leaves me with saying I have no alliance to MGTOW, MRA’s or “pro” male “men.” And I strongly dislike gays. Not for the theory every fucking liberal says, that I must secretly crave penis but because when I was younger I knew that gay men preyed on some young guys my age. I actually intentionally kept bad hygiene so those faggots would stay away from me. And that’s one time being a halfbreed helped me because faggots just like womyn prefer white guys.