…the real reason I am “homophobic”…

Well, every liberal like that screwball TameLAME and his 203 sockpuppet accounts will say that it is because I am secretly gay and really want a big penis up my ass….

I guess that makes them feel good and they never have to question their own bigotry when they assault me for making fun of a rotten scumbucket like Jack Don-0-van, Dickless Dickie Spencer or Milo Assholopolis.

I went to an all boys high school.  There were priests as teachers. I befreinded two guys who were twins.  We would tell each other jokes from Mad Magazine (remember that?)  One of the brother’s dissappeared.  I saw the other brother and told him a joke as I always did.  He didn’t respond with laughter, he looked really shaken up.  I wondered what had gotten into him. A few days later, one of the homeroom teachers, a preist, dissappeared.  We were never given an explanation.  The school just dissappeared the two boys and the priest down the memory hole 1984 style.  It was weird.

Quickly, I became very unpopular and obsessed with heavy metal.  (Heavy metal music probably saved my life but that is a whole other story.)  I was probably the least popular guy at the school (and this is probably a good thing for my long term well being.)  One could observe that the “cool” guys would “befreind” an unpopular guy.  They would tell him and tell him he was a great guy and it was too bad no one recognized this.  The act would go on for a week or so when he would be invited to a party so to speak.

A guy who was socially inept, probably having the maturity of a 9 or 10 year old would be at a party where he was offered alcohol.  He would then be invited to watch a porno movie.  Remember, we are talking about a guy who was most certainly a virgin and probably never drunk before.  He would then be told that one of the sluts from the all girl school would be coming in to suck his dick and if she dug him, maybe more.  He would be told to “get himself ready.”  He would be fapping to the porno thinking a willing girl was going to “finish him off.”  At this point, a bunch of people would jump in the room.  Sometimes they would have some of the girls from the all girl school or sometimes it would be guys from the football team.  If the poor schmuck was lucky, he would just be verbally humiliated to the point of tears.  If he was unlucky he would be physically assaulted and this would include things being shoved up his ass.  If he was really unlucky, one of the guys from the football team would rape him up the ass.

As I mentioned above, I was probably the least popular guy at the school, an absolute outcast.  This probably saved me.  I was the lowest social status you can imagine.  Just imagine a homeless heroine addict and I was possibly even lower status than that.  I was so low in social status to essentially be off the social hierarchy. So I would hear in bits and pieces how the “cool” guys got one of the “losers” to go to their party.  They would talk openly in front of me the way other segments of society would openly talk about illegal acts in front of homeless people.  Let’s say the “low status” men they victimized were somewhat Elliot Rodger like.  They were nerdy and really wanted to fit in and be accepted.  They were the types who would try to pick on me.  But I was gaining a reputation as someone who threw fists.  Ironically I got picked on more by the low status guys who desperately wanted to fit in than the “cool” kids. I think the “cool” kids were afraid of me and saw someone who was a bit dangerous.  I never got invited to one of their parties and if I did, I would say, “I’ll shit in your living room and fuck your mom!”  So part of me feels very little sympathy to the low status guys who got victimized at these parties.  They would’ve gladly bullied me if they were powerful enough.   I think I secretly hate the men who got abused.  I also hate the guys who molested and raped them, I guess I can be more open about that…

I also let my hygiene go.  My feminist mother would always yell at me and tell me I needed to wear deodorant and shower daily. (Too this day I like skipping showers…)  She would say my smell was offensive, to which I would respond “Good.”  This was years after she stopped hitting me as she said she was afraid of me and that she didn’t want to get hit back.  One day a story about priest molestation came on the TV.  I told my mom, “See that, remember when I refused to were deodorant? It kept the faggot priests and faggot football team away.”  She just condescendingly rolled her eyes.

Anyways, I know TamerLAME and the fake “pro” male collective say Iw hine obsessively about being mixed race.  This is probably one time being a halfbreed helped.  It seems those queers, just like womyn prefer white guys.  But what none of the scumbage “pro” male collective will ever admit is that it is truly non-white an mixed race straight guys who are the most demonized, both by garbage feminists and the stinking asshole that is the alt-right…

For no other reason than it pisses off the right people…creepnationalism.jpg



10 thoughts on “…the real reason I am “homophobic”…

    1. Made an Archive Link so “you know who” can’t change what was actually said…


      This is where I was “banned” and quite frankly wanted to be because I thought that would mean they would leave me alone and stop obsessing over my every word…

      Notice what Kirea (likely a sockpuppet) says: “Upward mobility for women and possibly minority men that is, never straight white men, no matter how low-status they are. So much for equal opportunities. This is why said demographic is turning to the right. They promise upward mobility for straight white men, empty promises of course.”

      I’ll be damned if that desn’t sound like something an alt-right motherfucker would say….

      Are those guys racist? It’s not 100% proveable but I don’t trust ’em or like them one bit. Notice how Assbreath even used N%%%r in one of his article titles. At least he at one time had the good sense to know that he was saying a slur. He is even more arrogant and foolish than he was 6 months ago. He would call me homophobic if I say “faggot” but yell he isn’t racist when he screams racial slurs. He is, at the very least, a hypocrite…

      1. You must hold your frame of reference when dealing with those fags. What you wrote was too submissive, you didn’t make clear you’re assuming the worst about them.

        For example, what with “you have great ideas”? He’s out of ideas for almost a year now, and what was before were the things “intellectual MGTOW” had long established, in bastardized and oversimplified form, frequently pointing at the fact Tamerlame’s just mortally resentful of women, that’s his #1 reason he’s still sort of active.

        He trolls Youtube because he’s got nothing else to offer. Instead of making videos for his Save The Babies From Knife Rape sock channel he made several trolling videos for his “incel lover” sock channel, as if he’d nothing else to do with his ample free time.

        In fact his “beef” with MGTOW isn’t really about MGTOW being anti-male, but is all about his resentment of the fact he can’t order Barbar, Colttaine and others to do his bidding. He’s just as bad as them when it comes to men’s rights, just as anti-male and disinterested in anything beyond his own narrow focus to troll.

        Here’s the level of “creativity” he stooped on.

      2. Kirea seemed to me like a rightwing tradcon. i get banned by them for saying so. see how Tamerlame used the word nigger

        “Those two concepts mean basically men are niggers who need to shut up, and need to cower in the corner and not be seen by women.”

        He don’t want men to be like niggers as he mentions them in a derogatory way and classify them as low status subhuman.

    1. not where I went to school, and quite frankly, this only hit the news because girls were involved….

      This stuff is probably more widespread than most people realize. I never saw anyone get anally raped but I remember there was a weird fat guy who was a “pecker checker” in the gym changing room and I would always change in the stall. I would always get sick before swim class and finally the gym teacher just let me go in the weight room rather than the swim class. I buried most this stuff for years and only recently thought about it. Luckily I was able to avoid molestation by having personality traits and physical traits that most consider negative. IE disagreeable personality, not conventionally attractive. Also when I would hear the stories, some terms went over my head. IE turned out or gang banged. I thought gang bang meant beat up by a gang. I heard guys on the football team say “we are gonna gang bang (insert small freshman name here) when he is really drunk this sat. And I always wondered why they would need him to be really drunk to beat up when they outnumbered him and were much bigger. Back in the day I couldn’t just go to urban dictionary and look this stuff up and I hadn’t seen any porn except playboys and barley legal magazines at this time. I knew bad shit was going on but didn’t know how to describe it. Sorry if this is rambling…

  1. TamerlaMe is simply a form of wannabe historic virtue signalling, you’re giving in to him when you use it as a meme. I liked the nickname Assbreath better.

  2. Trevor “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” Cormier really’s a nutjob.

    Why fight for men’s rights in the first place, if the solution’s to abort 9/10 of male fetuses for things to self-correct?

    That’s also a self-correcting cycle nonsense. As men’re demonized more and more, women abort more and more boys, that’ll bite them in the ass in the end.

    I hate TFM just as much as them, but Trevor should be ashamed of barking at him, since they believe in the same self-correcting cycle bullshit, they just disagree where it comes from (economics or demographics).

    Oh I see, Trevor already gets a whipping from his superior officer in a “pro male” hierarchy.

    Analyzing Male Slavery
    1 hour ago
    I am sorry, but if only 10 percent of people were male, women would still try and get men to do all the shit jobs.

    Countries were men die off younger, do not improve the well being of men who survive. That is what you seemed to imply

    Notice how he didn’t argue against the proposition to kill off men before they’re born. He merely argued the merits of this approach.

    That’s the top level of “pro male” those fags can exhibit.

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