No one who is “pro male” would ever make a video like this…

Thanks to Kurt for letting me know how low the “pro” (white) male collective has sunk.  He has also shown screen shots where those creeps obsessively talk about me.  I politely told those fuckers I wanted nothing to do with them and even though they say things like I am a worthless drug addict, I suspect the real reason they stalk my blog is so they can find things to steal, just change a few words and pretend it was their idea.
One of TamerLAME’s butt buddies made the above disgusting video, this  fella, Trevor Cormier.  He wants to be able to determine the gender of his child and make it a girl because womyn have much easier lives.  To be honest, I could only get through abut 4 minutes of the vile hate speech.  He is effectively recommending the same thing as scumbag extraordinnaire Roosh V suggested with his horrid neo-masculinity:
..and look at this post, where the horrid Tamerlane sucks up to me and suggests I start a Youtube channel…
These guys are absolutely worthless, don’t let them brigade your blog or steal your ideas.  Tamerlane is a parasite and not “pro male” in the slightest.  Just look at Trevor Cornball’s video.  You want a collective, you will be judged as a collective.  You are collectively a pile  of shit who hate other low status men but demand they do the work you are too lazy and incompetent to do yourselves!!!

They will say I am “strongmanning” because I don’t want to work with them. The truth is I don’t want to be associated with such incompetent motherfuckers!!!

Fuck You TamerLAme/ANALyzing MAle Slavery/Sulla 69 orwhateverthefuck you now are!!!

Fuck You Male Sentient Void, or should I say (fe)male incontinent droid!!!

Fuck you Kirea the Alt-Right racist (and your 302 sockpuppet accounts –or is it 402 sockpuppet accounts and 302 genders….)

Got Fist yourselves up the ass because you are the ones filled with misandry! Fuck You!!!!

5 thoughts on “No one who is “pro male” would ever make a video like this…

  1. We must point out their blatant dishonesty and double standards.

    Tamerlame’s a demagogue. One day he’ll slip so low he wouldn’t be able to maintain his plausible deniability veil no longer.

    Until then, if only we must deal with them, we must do so with the gun trained at their chests.

    1. That creep took down his horrid anti-make video, now he will whinge that we are “persecuting” him….

      Penis breath got really triggered…

      “Stoner is of no interest to the pro male collective, thus we will not speak of him again. Pro male spaces need to boot malcontents out.”

      I really wish he would keep his promise but everyone knows sociopaths are untrustworthy…

      Also funny he has to cover up a picture of a vagina, hahahahahaha. He has the same pro-censorship zeal as a feminist, hahahahhahahaha.

      Thanks again Kurt for pointing out how truly awful the “pro” (white) male collKtive truly is.

      1. What the lunatic says makes him look stupid.

        “The Only Blog Post I Will Ever Do About Stoner With A Boner.”

        Shouldn’t be interpreted as in post count, but as in its content and quality.

        “Stoner then banned Kirea even though Kirea was perfectly polite.”

        You keep bringing up Jack Donovan. You want to have “rough sweaty sex without rubbers” with him but he’s not interested? It that the problem?

        Well Stoner you should know better than me if that counts as “perfectly polite” in the US.

        “Stoner is a passive aggressive resent filled solipsistic selfish anti male malcontent.”

        Wow he’s really butthurt. This is what he told about me: “a mentally ill resentful anti social anti male twerp”

        “Stoner is of no interest to the pro male collective, thus we will not speak of him again.”

        What a blatant liar. It’s good he did the post now, showed his true face, because he’d write it anyway to erase you when he feels like discarding you.

        His subordinate thegreatshebang reposted Mark’s recent comment three! times on Discord instead of showing up here personally and stating his objections openly.

        They’re cowards and obsessive fags.

        Well I noticed something. Tamerlame constantly conflates himself with the whole collective. Sounds rather Napoleonic. And the constant stream of accusations of mental illness from him, liberally applied to everyone. He really should check up in a clinic.

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