…I like being male and I like being me…

I like having facial hair, broad shoulders and above average upper body strength.  Some guys are big and lumbering, think like a Ford F-350 trying to maneuver through small streets and park in a compact space.  Maybe they can bench allot but who really cares.  Some womyn are small and nimble and can move gracefully, think like  a tiny car that requires very little gas and can park in almost any spot.  I am like a small truck with a V6 engine.  More power than I need.  Not really powerful looking but outpowering most guys my size, they must be the four bangers.  I got power to run up hills.  I got maneuverability to dodge fists.  I got just enough brains to survive in a world that hates me.  Trevor Cormier’s condescending post erases a man such as myself.  The possibility that I could enjoy aspects of my existence even though the world hates me.  The possibility that my life could have value outside of a dominance hierarchy.  The possibility that I have been able to experience far more with psycadelics than most normies would imagine.  I don’t need the pro male collective…. it’s the other way around and Trevor Cromier is an intellectually dishonest coward for taking down his horrid video…

Only because this picture triggers the “pro” white male  colleKtive…

y’know what is truly sad…

I could get with a chick who looked like that much easier then I could get a ride like this…

7 thoughts on “…I like being male and I like being me…

  1. I am restoring deleted videos on IA.

    Male Sentient Void: TradCOCKS BEGONE from this place!!!

    Trevor Cormier: The Disappearing Male

    Trevor Cormier: Clarifying my video: The Disappearing Male

    Pro Male Watch

    Protecting the digital history

    1. Would you please attest a Youtube comment for me? A UBI video got flagged on AMS’s channel. There was a thread where AMS said he doesn’t owe evidence. I’ve the text but I didn’t screencap it…

  2. “I could get with a chick who looked like that much easier then I could get a ride like this…”

    As I said, men at the socio-economic bottom of society become either dark triad or they become corpses. A non-fuggo WILL get laid. Peter Griffin got laid, Homer Simpson got laid, Al Bundy got laid.

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