why do liberals like to kick ’em when their down???

I saw this video at advocatus diaboli’s  page:


Here is a despicable comment from the horrid Mary Sue:

“We’re no experts, but the answer to that question may just explain the men’s problem! Women just don’t want to have sex with them. Whether it’s because the small number of not-terrible men are skewing things by having a disproportionate amount of sex, or more women are having sex with each other instead—or, more likely, both—for most of the men out there, she’s just not that into you. Even if the answer is that they’re just having more sex with men out of that age range, that’s not a great commentary on men ages 18–30.”

Just imagine if a man said he didn’t want to have sex with a woman of above average body weight?  Look at the shaming that would bring.

And let me ad, I  think this dude Tim Pool is wrong quite a bit here.  He mentions Jordan Peterson and says he respects him.  I think JP’s message of telling men to “take responsibility” is a formula for slavery.  That’s what responsibility without power is, slavery.  He dances around the issue MGTOW’s are right about and that is marriage is dangerous.  He also dances around another issue, womyn are “liberated” but men are still trapped in the 1950’s protector/provider role.  The suggestion is 30+ year old guys will still pay for dates for 20 something womyn.  And let’s face it, paying for dates is essentially prostitution.  These liberal progressive assholes at the Mary Sue are literally shitting on young men for their inability to pay for pu$$y.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have noticed that a blog that used to be huge, feminist critics has fallen by the wayside.  Even though they critiqued feminism, you were not allowed to critique “liberalism” or “progressivism” but I think most men realized that the Democratic party has failed them.  They are “deplorables” no matter what they do so why bother to “take one for the team” and vote for a hideous monster like Hillary Clinton?  I’m not glad Don the Con won but I am sure glad she lost. And shysters like Joe Bidden and Kamala Harris are equally horrid.  Why be a whipping boy for people who hate you?  In many ways it’s better to “opt out” or “drop out” than to take a shitty deal….

The underhanded, dishonest “tactics” of Fist in the Face of Misandry/The Pro (white) male collective.


Alright, for anyone who has dealt with TamerLoon, his sockpuppet accounts  or his devious underlings (hiya Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Revolution) –I am merely stating the obvious.  The reason for this post is to create a record of what is happening in case a new person experiences this.  Hopefully, this will help them defend themselves quickly and aggressively.

The main prong of attack from TamerLoon and the merry band of Lunatics is to launch a “raid” and “brigade” someone’s blog or Youtbe channel.

Here is a quick definition of the behavior:

While this applies specifically to Reddit forums, one can recognize the tactics that TamerLoon, Male Sentient Void, Kirea, thegreatshebang and their sockpuppet armies use.

The first phase is these guys leave a bunch of comments (and downvote wherever possible) to make it look like they are “correct.”  One commonality is that there will be comments that men need to act collectively.  The first phase of attack looks like passionate, if misguided individuals and if you don’t know who you are dealing with, you will likely be far too forgiving.

The second phase for me was announcing I was not pro male but pro me.  I thought these lunatics would play nice but they only doubled down.  They went around saying that I was a mentally damaged low status male who had destroyed his brain with too many drugs.

The third phase was when I went to their blog with the hope of being banned.  I aggressively stood up and mentioned that I thought Kirea was racist.  These guys aggressively say men need to work together then actively dimsis the concerns of mixed race men or men from other countries.  I thought when I was banned, that would create a cease fire.  I was no longer able to comment on their turf so I figured they would now leave me alone.  They only fired back with nastier attacks.  I banned them.  Then they whinged that I was banning (doing what they did.)  I am almost surprised they didn’t use the “freedom of speech” angle.  but the truth is these guys hate freedom of speech and want to silence the opposition.

The fourth phase is when these fuckers cry “victimhood.” TamerLoon then cries he has “stalkers.”  These “stalkers” are merely men telling the truth about his horrid behaviors.  He then uses this as an excuse to say that it is okay for him to doxx people.

this is the pattern (with some variation) of their attacks.  This has happened to others and I only post this as a warning for the new people they will attack.


Kurt left a video where Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Reviolutionary tried to attack some right leaning weirdoes.  I didn’t bother listening to the video but one part that Kurt quoted is illuminating:

28:50 minutes into the video:

MSV: I honestly … don’t see much … depth? to your content [snip]
Sinatra: Well, the only reason you don’t see much depth to our content is ’cause we’re not making the things you want us to make.


Either Male Sentient Void is incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid.  He has just admitted he doesn’t see the need to create his own spaces but feels entitled to encrouch upon other men’s spaces.  He had aggressively asked me “what the purpose of my blog was.”  Maybe for someone operating in good faith, this would be a reasonable question.  I stumbled onto blogging.  It helped me figure a few things out.  This blog is almost 10 years old which in the blog world is HUGE!  I was here to have a dialogue outside of my own head (and maybe make fun of a bigot like Richard Spencer too…)  My agenda was to figure things out for myself.  I found it extraordinairly insulting that these fuckers had no regard for my personal soace but felt entitled to try to take it over.  They are not interested in creating.  They are not interested i helping low status men.  They are bullies who will cry victim when someone responds appropriately in self defense.  In fact, I believe they encompass many of the qualites of why many men hate the “left.”  They are authoritarian, against free speech and will destroy the work of other s and attempt to steal it as their own.  This hatred of the left isn’t just because of things like unversal healthcare or UBI (which I have stated many times I support.)  It is because of dishonest, dogmatic bullies like TamerLoon and his his merry band of Lunatics.  This is not a right wing blog and I can’t stand 30k millionaires who shit on low status men, however, a stance must be taken against the authoritarian left.  I would not be true to myself if I let them overtake my blog.  I really ave not interest in left vs right politics but I do have interests in resisting authoritarians be they alt-reich, feminists or “pro male.”

the blatant hipocrisy of the pro white male collective

Okay guys.  A scumfuck named Kirea accused me of being a “resource hoarding right winger.”  My crime against humanity?  I dare have a meager savings account.  I have enough saved to buy an okay truck free and clear or not work for about 10 months.  Yeah, right wing resource horder or fucking common sense.

His boy Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Revolutionary admits to spending money on prostitutes. I  joked that he should at least spend it on male ones so that dudes get to keep the cash, but I guess he really isn’t that pro-male anyways. It’s just an act so he can pretend he is better than me.

Then these condescending assholes talk own to me that because I am mixed race, I must get free money through affirmative action:

“The left isn’t even concerned with bread-and-butter issues of the working class now anyway. Working conditions and wages as an issue have been replaced by equal opportunity and upward mobility.”

Upward mobility for women and possibly minority men that is, never straight white men, no matter how low-status they are. So much for equal opportunities. This is why said demographic is turning to the right. They promise upward mobility for straight white men, empty promises of course.



Yeah, sorry Kirea, I pay taxes, I’ve worked jobs you would consider beneath you and you talk to me like I am a criminal because I would like to escape the rat race even if only for 6 months or a year at a time?  Fuck you.

Do you really expect me to work alongside some rich kids who look down upon me for my darker skin and expect me to do the heavy lifting  while they go pay for pu$$y?  Now my point isn’t to shame a dude who was a virgin and then banged a hooker one time or a dude who hasn’t gotten laid in 10 years and wanted to get his dick wet.  But these dudes who most likely spend thousands of dollars on prostitutes don’t have the right to tell me that I am a resource hording right winger when I have the discipline to put my money in the bank and not waste it.  You Kirea and Male Sentient Void are fucking assholes. Assholes.

The Canard of “Activism”/”What have you done for men lately?”

A while back I was attacked by none other that Paulie Boi Elam of the horrid AVfM website.  His angle of attack was to belittle my status (or lack thereof) followed up by the “what have you done?” insult with a reference about being in a basement (do you see how fucking similar goddamned M(h)RA’s are to feminists?)  What would bring on the “wrath of Paulie Boi Elam towards a no one and nothing such as myself?  I only politely suggested that his bullsh*t website shouldn’t be connected to white supremacists sites such as those that the (in)famous Inmalafide linked too.  For posterities sake, I nver accused him of being a white supremacist. I thought I was politely informing him that a website that claimed to be “a voice for men” would be excruciatingly unwelcoming to non-white and mixed race men while being associated with Inmalafide.

Paulie Boi Elam is an idealogue.  An idiot who will talk down to other men after he has been proven wrong.  An asshole and a dirtbag.  I actively hope his shit site shuts down!

It was exceedingly arrogant of him to think that a man who did no activism and has stated many times that he has no interest in activism could not accurately see things “as they were on the ground” and offer him information which would be useful to his “mission.”  Just because I don’t want to go to marches or goddamned parades does not mean I can’t have a useful insight that could prove of value to another low status man.  I’ve said before that if the MGTOW movement was to provide utility to low status men, it would be a decentralized network where such men exchange survival strategies.  Unfortunately it became a shit show where narcissists e-begged for money and pedaled alt-reich bullshit (hiya Stardusk!) I still beleive that such a network could be built (and quite easily.)

It goes without saying a basic level of trust is needed.  It needs men freely sharing information with other men without fear of doxxing when a man asks uncomfortable questions or plays the devil’s advocate.  Low status men would share tips for navigating crooked job markets that tell them they are “privileged” while trying to exploit as much labor from them with as little pay as possible.  Low status men would share tips on how to deal with tradcons and feminists (avoid as much as possible.)  Low status men would help each other navigate unemployment benefits (varies state by state and country by country.)  Low status men would even share tips on investing money and saving.  Yes, I know I will be called a resource hording right winger for that.  But how else will you “go ghost” besides having some cash stashed away?  You could tell MGTOW was becoming fakeTOW when they stopped talking about “going ghost”  and talked about the “culture war” bullshit you would find on a garbage website like Return of Kings.

I know who will be saying I am a loser for not wanting to do “activism…”

Here is a video from TamerLame’s underling Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Revolution:

On first glance, this might seem fine.  But you will notice the lady who is accompanying him has a shirt.  It says “Vagina Loves Foreskin Glide.” Do you see where she is coming from?  She prefers uncut cocks (her right of course) and see’s that as the real issue. Not baby boys being mutilated.  I know it is easy to say an imperfect ally is better than no ally.  However she sounds like a “sex positive” feminist, putting her orgasm as the most important thing ever. It is ironic, Male Sentient Void came to my blog and aggressively attacked me, questioned what my agenda was and claimed he shouldn’t be collectively judged when I was collectively attacked by his butt boys.  I thought about quitting blogging for longer than he has been making youtube videos, and yet he tells me how I need to do things.  It would be funny if he decides to marry this “lovely lady” and she is a card carrying feminist.  Remember Bill Price from the Spearhead? Looks like this dude could go down the same route.  But then he would have to stop giving lady’s money for handjobs.

Let’s face it, “activism” is this thing white people with trust funds do to pretend they are “good.”  They won’t get attacked by the cops and they can turn up their nose at a guy like me who was at work that day.  It is, to use a word used mostly by people I don’t like a form of “virtue signalling.”  I bet Male Sentient Void was a failed PUA and now uses “activism” to meet chicks and pretend he is a good person.

I don’t pretend I am a good person.  I am just interested in day to day survival and maybe being able to go ghost at some point because I built up a stash of cash and I don’t have anything holding me to a specific location.  Fuck Activism! Fuck Antifa! Fuck the Alt-Reich!


Emergency Post: Do Not Trust Anyone from the Pro Male Collective Under Any Circumstances

Pro Male Watch asked me to share this must read post:


As horribly as TamerLame has treated me, I did not think he would sink this low.

He has shown his willingness to doxx men he doesn’t like.  In my eyes he is worse than a feminist.  This puts him in the same league as human garbage like Aaron Clarey who called for the doxxing of MGTOW’s.  While I now think MGTOW’s are a bunch of scammers, it is still exceptionally underhanded to doxx them. Even jerks lie David Futrelle didn’t go that far.

Here is an image where TamerLame threatens to show someone’s location (blotted out in red for obvious reasons.)

Remember guys, don’t trust these fuckers at all.  They will try to hurt you because you don’t want to join their horrid “collekkktive.”

An incomplete list of who not to trust:

Analyzing Male Slavery/Tamerlane/Sulla/Fist in the Face of Misandry

Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Revolutionary


Red Shambahla



Fuck You All!!! You are not Pro-male, you are authoritarian bullies who hate low status men and attack us in a cowardly attempt to gain power!!!

Sadly, this post I wrote before becomes relevant again:


and sadly, replace MGTOW with low status male and M(h)RA with Pro (White) Male Collective:

“This brings me to the next sad but logical conclusion. With doxxing and threats against MGTOW men’s employment, will these mentally unhinged M(h)RA’s stoop lower? Many MGTOW men live alone (duh?) and are likely alienated from their families. Even if the AVfM whackos don’t come after them with physical violence–and an isolated man is a perfect target…. Don’t put it past them that they may do something reprehensible like murder a MGTOW’s dog just to shut him up and because they are sociopathic cowards.”

And now a message for TamerLame’s underlings like Thegreatshebang and Male Sentient Void.  You guys are not welcome here.  I suspect it is only a matter of time when you finally decide TamerLame has gone too far and you show up here begging that I help you.  You saw what this guy was doing and, worse than doing nothing you went along.  You are complicit. Fuck You and Go to Hell!!!

As a low status male, I stand against authoritarianism and puritanism

Okay, so you all know I can stand the alt -reich with lispy Dickless Dickie Spencer and Dirtbag Jagoff Donovan and I can’t stand femanazi’s like Amanda Marcrappy and David Fartelle.  On the surface, they would seem to be diametrically opposed, but they are not.  At the end of the day, they are both authoritarian bullies who hate low status non-white and mixed race men.  They are both authoritarian bullies who think it is okay to force their opinions down everyone else’s throats.

As a low status male, left vs right holds little interest to me.  Donald Trump is a fucking joke and a con artist, but we are probably better off than if crooked Hillary was running the show.  Joseph “Bite Me” Bidden is an even bigger joke.  And, Barrack O’Bobmya was basically Dubya part 2 with a better vocabulary and darker skin.

The left vs right divide is a smokescreen. Basically, I just want a lifestyle where I don’t have to work a ton of hours just to afford rent.  Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren ain’t gonna save me.  And Kamala Harris would love to throw my ass in jail ovr just a little pot.  Fuck the Democratic party and fuck the Republican party too.

I’d love UBI, I like pot and I like guns.  I like driving a pick up truck.  Liberals want t impinge on my personal freedom just as much as Conservatives.     The left wing is anti male and the right wing is anti male.  Antifa is just as likely to attack me as te faggots on the alt-right like Nathan Damigo.  Fuck you antifa!!!  Fuck You alt-right!!!


Did you guys notice how Tameralan and his assclowns attacked me?  They are strikingly like the alt-right in that white men come first.  They are basically feminism for whit guys.  They demanded I do work they were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves.  They relentlessly attacked me.  They are not pro-liberty. They are authoritarian bullies. It was funny that Tamerlane got triggered when I put up a picture of a naked lady just for a little laugh.  The hypocrisy is I bet Tamerlane regularly looks at porn.  Yet he is a “puritan” when he can attack another man for being immorral.  His “sidekick” called me a resource hrding right winger just because I have a savings account.  I have a savings account because I would like to survive without working all the time and becoming homeless.  I bet Tameralne and Kirea would spend the money I saved on hookers.  Yet, they get triggered when I work a job they would consider “beneath” them and I save money for my own ends.  Puritarianism is also against low status men because they want men such as myself to work to the bone for little reward.  I think part of the reason why this country has such low wages is because of puritarianism mixed with cutthroat capitalism.  But don’t worry, crooked Hillary supports this just as much as Don the Con.  So resist authoritarian bullies and trigger them whenever possible…