As a low status male, I stand against authoritarianism and puritanism

Okay, so you all know I can stand the alt -reich with lispy Dickless Dickie Spencer and Dirtbag Jagoff Donovan and I can’t stand femanazi’s like Amanda Marcrappy and David Fartelle.  On the surface, they would seem to be diametrically opposed, but they are not.  At the end of the day, they are both authoritarian bullies who hate low status non-white and mixed race men.  They are both authoritarian bullies who think it is okay to force their opinions down everyone else’s throats.

As a low status male, left vs right holds little interest to me.  Donald Trump is a fucking joke and a con artist, but we are probably better off than if crooked Hillary was running the show.  Joseph “Bite Me” Bidden is an even bigger joke.  And, Barrack O’Bobmya was basically Dubya part 2 with a better vocabulary and darker skin.

The left vs right divide is a smokescreen. Basically, I just want a lifestyle where I don’t have to work a ton of hours just to afford rent.  Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren ain’t gonna save me.  And Kamala Harris would love to throw my ass in jail ovr just a little pot.  Fuck the Democratic party and fuck the Republican party too.

I’d love UBI, I like pot and I like guns.  I like driving a pick up truck.  Liberals want t impinge on my personal freedom just as much as Conservatives.     The left wing is anti male and the right wing is anti male.  Antifa is just as likely to attack me as te faggots on the alt-right like Nathan Damigo.  Fuck you antifa!!!  Fuck You alt-right!!!


Did you guys notice how Tameralan and his assclowns attacked me?  They are strikingly like the alt-right in that white men come first.  They are basically feminism for whit guys.  They demanded I do work they were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves.  They relentlessly attacked me.  They are not pro-liberty. They are authoritarian bullies. It was funny that Tamerlane got triggered when I put up a picture of a naked lady just for a little laugh.  The hypocrisy is I bet Tamerlane regularly looks at porn.  Yet he is a “puritan” when he can attack another man for being immorral.  His “sidekick” called me a resource hrding right winger just because I have a savings account.  I have a savings account because I would like to survive without working all the time and becoming homeless.  I bet Tameralne and Kirea would spend the money I saved on hookers.  Yet, they get triggered when I work a job they would consider “beneath” them and I save money for my own ends.  Puritarianism is also against low status men because they want men such as myself to work to the bone for little reward.  I think part of the reason why this country has such low wages is because of puritarianism mixed with cutthroat capitalism.  But don’t worry, crooked Hillary supports this just as much as Don the Con.  So resist authoritarian bullies and trigger them whenever possible…