the blatant hipocrisy of the pro white male collective

Okay guys.  A scumfuck named Kirea accused me of being a “resource hoarding right winger.”  My crime against humanity?  I dare have a meager savings account.  I have enough saved to buy an okay truck free and clear or not work for about 10 months.  Yeah, right wing resource horder or fucking common sense.

His boy Male Sentient Void/Pro Male Revolutionary admits to spending money on prostitutes. I  joked that he should at least spend it on male ones so that dudes get to keep the cash, but I guess he really isn’t that pro-male anyways. It’s just an act so he can pretend he is better than me.

Then these condescending assholes talk own to me that because I am mixed race, I must get free money through affirmative action:

“The left isn’t even concerned with bread-and-butter issues of the working class now anyway. Working conditions and wages as an issue have been replaced by equal opportunity and upward mobility.”

Upward mobility for women and possibly minority men that is, never straight white men, no matter how low-status they are. So much for equal opportunities. This is why said demographic is turning to the right. They promise upward mobility for straight white men, empty promises of course.

Yeah, sorry Kirea, I pay taxes, I’ve worked jobs you would consider beneath you and you talk to me like I am a criminal because I would like to escape the rat race even if only for 6 months or a year at a time?  Fuck you.

Do you really expect me to work alongside some rich kids who look down upon me for my darker skin and expect me to do the heavy lifting  while they go pay for pu$$y?  Now my point isn’t to shame a dude who was a virgin and then banged a hooker one time or a dude who hasn’t gotten laid in 10 years and wanted to get his dick wet.  But these dudes who most likely spend thousands of dollars on prostitutes don’t have the right to tell me that I am a resource hording right winger when I have the discipline to put my money in the bank and not waste it.  You Kirea and Male Sentient Void are fucking assholes. Assholes.