…are you gonna take care of ’em…

Okay, so even though TamerLOON and KKKirea accuse me of being a resource hording right winger for the “crime against humanity” of having a savings account… (All whilst his “leiutenant” Male Sentient Void wastes, err, spends his money on prostitutes rather than dedicating it to helping men…) Well, I don’t identify as “right wing.”  I also don’t identify as “left wing” either….

One the case of “left wingers” and illegal immigration…

Hey stinky butt Nancy Pelosi, I know you want cheap labor for your wine business. but I doubt you’d let the illegals into your gated community, much less home (unless you needed a nanny or a gardener…)

So to put this back on you left wingers who constantly complain about how evillle Don the Con is…

Are you gonna help the illegals in the migrants caravan? Are you gonna welcome them into your homes? Teach ’em English and teach them job skills?  Or are you just gonna dump them onto “social services” while you pretend you are better than everyone else on social media?

Hey penis breath Ben Shapiro, are you gonna raise all the kiddies that don’t die if abortion is restricted? Are you gonna fund orphanages and teach ’em how to read? Are you gonna feed ’em?  Somehow, I think you’d just dump ’em onto “social services” all while crying that the US needs another war so we can look like a “superpower” again…


I’ve said before and I’ll say again..

One time I heard two guys arguing politics, one left wing and the other right wing…

I butted in the convo and said, “If I was a bird, I would have two wings, and I’d fly above you both and take a huge shit!!!”

to anyone I may have triggered, (Especially TamerLOON) – FUCK YOU!!!

6 thoughts on “…are you gonna take care of ’em…

  1. When it comes to abortion, it isn’t just the babies. There is plenty of whining about how abortion leads to breast cancer and thus to death of the poor wimmins. Here is one example:

    Assuming that is true, I ask, “Who cares?” Not only is it not our responsibility to take care of other people’s babies, but there is no reason for us to be in the business of saving women, especially when it comes to saving women from themselves.

    1. “there is no reason for us to be in the business of saving women, especially when it comes to saving women from themselves.”


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