…some thoughts on freedom and why I find the M(h)RM and “pro” male movements less than useless…

well, if any of you remember the horrid administration of George “Dubya” Bush, we would constantly hear “freedom.”  I suppose Dubya equated freedom with dragging the U.S. into an unwinnable quagmire and making oil companies far richer than they already were….

“Freedom” is used by many politicians yet MRA’s and “pro” make men scream about “rights…”

At the end of the day rights mean little without a basic quality of life…

Freedom can mean freedom from tyranny, the ability to earn enough money for an adequate life, or even the freedom not to be judged in useless hierarchies…

And it is this last point where the M(h)RA’s and “pro” male fucks really screw the pooch….

Look at how asshole Paulie Boi Elam attacked me for my lack of status (so did alt reich fucktard Boxxer…)  Look at how scumfucks like TameLAME attacked me when I didn’t want to join his ‘colleKKKtive” because I saw no benefit in doing so.  By standing up for myself, I was “useless” to his cause.  He attacked me in a strikingly similar manner as to how a TradCON like  Jordan Poopypnats, er Peterson would attack a man who doesn’t want to labor to provide for a womyn.

These MRA’s can’t grant me what I want—more freedom…

Why do you think someone like TamerLAME gets offended when I make memes insulting racist scumbags like Dickie Spencer and Jagoff Don-0-van?  The best I can guess is that in the hierarchy within TamerLAME’s broken mind, I am less than him and also less than someone like Jagoff Don-0-van or Dickie Spencer.  He needs me more than I need him.  He wants me to feel insecure so that I will look to him for “leadership.”  He wants my ideas to claim as his own.  Just look at what a parasite he is stealing the ideas from better men the way creepy Girl Writes What did and then watered them down to sell to alt-reichtard M(h)RA’s…  I crave freedom and autonomy.  Not to be lead by the incompetent.  What will “activism” and moar rights grant me?











2 thoughts on “…some thoughts on freedom and why I find the M(h)RM and “pro” male movements less than useless…

  1. The problem with being “pro-male” can be summed up in one sentence:

    Most men are manginas.

    Unless you define men/male/masculinity in such a way that separates the manginas out (and most who say they are doing this aren’t doing so rigorously enough) being pro-male is just being pro-mangina.

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