…this paragraph jumped out at me…

…I was reading a book, and this jumped right out…

“…but the ones who go posing as moralists are the worst. Cost free morals. Full of great ways for others to improve themselves. There’s an ego thing in there, too. They use they’re morals to make someone else look inferior and that way look better themselves. It doesn’t matter what the moral code is—religious morals, political morals, racist morals, capitalist morals, feminist morals, hippie morals—they’re all the same.  The moral codes change but the meanness and the egotism stay the same.”

-Robert Prisig, Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals

Yup, made me think about how Hugo Schwyzer attacked low status men, how Paulie Boi Elam attacked low status men, how the libertarian tough guys at Shedding of the Ego attacked low status men and, now, how a possible sociopath and his mindless followers endlessly lie about me while claiming to care about circumcision….

14 thoughts on “…this paragraph jumped out at me…

  1. I think MSV, would be best served if he split from Tamerloon, in case he’s for real about ending circumcision.

    1. Yeah, AMS is just out for his self-serving agenda. They are a cult, if you don’t fit it they’ll kick you out. I was only there until they could no longer tolerate me. None of these useless bums do anything for men.

      1. Well consider this Darksats. A certain none-tradcon Tamerloon threatened to dox you and posted lies about you online. Meanwhile this tradcon has done you no harm. In total contadiction of what you wrote.

        You seriously need to change your behavior. So unless you learn to pick correct targets you might as well join the hall of shame along the line of internet tough guy moralizers Tamerloon and Paul Boi Elam.

      2. No, I am not a tradcon, darkstats. I’m David, you might not remember me but Kurt most likely will. And to answer your question Kurt, I thought they were serious about men’s issues, so I joined. But, then I started noticing how condescending they were and they would attack their opposition with the “tradcon” label. I also didn’t like how they made guys who were circumsized feel a certain way about something that was done to them without their input.

      3. I know of the circumstances of you falling off with Tamerloon. Still, I specifically asked why you were sucking up to him on Discord, as in agreeing with whatever nonsense he spouted about Stoner or claiming there was “no prejudice” within the cult, even though you suffered from the prejudice.

      4. Well Kurt, I suppose I wanted a sense of belonging. Or maybe I chose to ignore the prejudice. It just didn’t feel right being in there after a while.

      5. A sense of belonging that justifies taking a dump on a fellow man? Do you know that’s a chrestomathic definition of anti-maleness? Men being nasty to men because they feel they’ll be ostracised if they don’t. You should’ve called Tamerloon out the moment he railed against Stoner.

        Now, what do you intend to do, David? I don’t see you taking a stand against Tamerloon on blogs. And you as well should, because such a deceitful dishonest person can do a lot of harm to many other naive recruits like you. We should spread awareness of what the cult really’s about.

      6. I tend to spectate and consume on the Internet. If I do create many of my creations and posts are not public. I tend to leave a small footprint online under various names.

        I thought they were around my age, but from what I heard they are older men doing this bullshit. I suppose it would do good if I rail against them on Stoner’s blog.

        To be quite honest, I didn’t like it when I first heard of Stoner in that Discord. The way AMS and the cult went on about him. Made him seem like some crazy person. I like how you all don’t try to recruit people and promote raids. I didn’t like doing the raids, but I would participate in some of them to shut Alex up.

        Kind of funny considering Alex likes to say that he has stalkers and people after him. With a character like that it’s justifiable.

      7. We don’t need AMS to shut up. That isn’t a worthy goal. Myself, I want him to grow. He can be of use, provided people are forewarned of his behavior. I replace the link in his profile to a warning post about his behavior that lets visitors then proceed to his site. We should convince other bloggers to do the same. I don’t want him silenced, I just wish we develop a system of checks and balances to curb the atrocities he commits.

        BTW you’ve got to stop conceding the frame of reference to AMS. No one is stalking him. The people yelling “stalkers!” at opponents are feminists anyway so we should focus on that.

    2. MSV isn’t worth “saving” at this point. He has seen the same lies the rest of us have and he still stands by TamerLOON. My best guess is his “intactivism” is an attempt to pick up on “liberal” womyn.

    1. The point is, it’s not only tradcons who harm men. Men of all walks of life, even those who’ve sworn pro male, harm other men.

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