…equicraps screwed the pooch…

alright, I’m not an MRA or a MGTOW so unlike Paulie Boi Elam or Barbarabrowski, I ain’t gonna ask you for any money.  But I did want to point out that you might be (if yer a Murrikkan) eligible to get some cash because this crappy company was careless with your personal info…

Here’s where you can check your eligibility….


And here’s where you can file a claim:


You can opt for $125 or their “credit monitoring.”  I would take the $125.  You can also get $25 for each hour you spent changing passwords, freezing credit and other activites due to Equicraps screw-ups.  I think you will have to show documentation for claims over 10 hours.

I know a creep like Advocatus Diaboli will laugh and say, “This is chump change.”  He’s just pissed that it’s not enough to get a prostitute to touch him.  But you could still get a nice dinner, some beer or weed or some video games….

More double standards from mr. manboobz

alright, David Fartelle has another horrid article:


If thing happened as stated, I don’t think the little guy shoulda started yelling at people.  He should have cancelled his order, complained to management and written a negative review of the business.  While assholes like Jack Donovan will talk tough guy talk, a low status male is much better off staying under the radar and not getting law enforcement involved.  This is strikingly similar to the point I made that low status men should stay out of activism.

The hypocrisy is that David Fartelle and his rapid brand of man hating femanzi’s would throw a shit fit if someone made fun of a fellow feminist like Lindy West for her addiction to high fruitcose corn syrup.  They think it is absolutely funny to rag on a guy for his lack of height but if someone is made fun of for their weight it is “bigotry.”  Never mind that the fat person could simply stop eating pizza and guzzling Mt. Dew.  It is much harder for a short person to change their stature, although there are risky and expensive surgeries available.  Hopefully more low status men of all heights see what a shitty deal feminsim/liberalism/progressivism is and work instead towards their own self interests…


…the cannard of activism pt.2…

If you are a low status male, you DID NOT create the mess that is modern society.  You owe it to yourself to live the best life for yourself.  Anyone who tries to guilt you or shame you into real world activism is a piece of shit and not your friend….

Just take a quick look at something… Who are the alt-right “activists?”  Rich white people like Dickie Spencer and his elitist lisp.  Just look at their opponents… Antifa.  Also rich white people.  These people are literally the definition of privilege.  If the pigs arrest them, mommy and daddy will bail ’em out.  If they get a little injury, their rich person health insurance will cover it.  If you are a low status man such as myself, you don’t have these protections, you are literally a second class citizen.

Activists are privileged and they are arrogant to try to get lower status men to fight the fights they are unwilling to fight themselves.  Fuck real world activism and any privileged asshole who tells you you need to participate.

….so this is what freedom looks like…


awhile back I posted that I had a nightmare involving a wolf dog.  What I failed to mention was that this was the evening I had learned that my father had died.  Through self reflection, I think I am now able to grasp the meaning of the nightmare.  I am now free, I am now free from my father’s expectations. I am now my own man.  I don’t have to feel shame from his disappointment.  Freedom is not like what I imaging winning a million dollars would feel like.  Freedom is like being released from prison for a crime you were wrongfully convicted of.

I am being intentionally vague due too weak dick fuckers who would try to further use this information too hurt me.