…the hypocrisy of “western chauvinism”…

You will see someone like Jordan Peterson or Gavin McIness basically say that the West is the Best. The West has the best systems and least corruption. They will also be obsessed with free markets. If you are broke it is because you are a layabout who didn’t work hard enough at their cahrear or chose a sissy boi pursuit like art or music. YOU NEED TO PULL YOURSELF UP BY THE BOOTSTRAPS.

With the idea of a free market, if the West is the Best, it doesn’t need saving, the cream will rise to the top. If it doesn’t rise to the top, then it isn’t the best and something better should come along and replace it. Isn’t that how the free market works? Wasn’t the bailout of the banksters in 2008 utter hypcorisy? Shouldn’t those who created a mess be on the hook to pay? Where were Gavin McInnes and Jordan Peterson on PeRsonUl reSpoNsIbilItiE when it came to the banksters?

…an article the racist JAck Donovan just wants to go away…

…He removed it from his site, likely trying to “white wash” things, haha.

….he’s the crypto nationalist who tries to pass himself off as something he is not. And he hides behind his “orientation” the way a horrid feMRA like Judgy Bitch hide behind being a womyn. He spoke at Dickie Spencers NPI convention then disavowed the alt reich after Charlosttesville.

Here is is:


Fuck You Jack Donovan!

Fuck You Richard Spencer!

Fuck You Gavin McInnes!

vax hesitancy

…full disclosure, I got vaxxed as soon as I was eligible. I was already exposed to covid at least twice and had relatively mild symptoms though fatigue lasted for over a month the first time.

I am surprised at how many liberals want to make vaccination mandatory. These are the same people who yell muh body, muh choice and want an abortion clinic next to every McDonalds. (Tasteless joke time, I remember seeing a Mad Magazine pull out where a fat dude gets liposuction-after the operation, he then eats a burger that uses his lard, I wonder if there could be an abortion clinic parody. Say Baby McNuggets…) But if someone doesn’t want to get vaccinated it must be because they are a Trump loving (Never mind fatass was one of the first to get vaxed) neckbeard with a micropenis.

It couldn’t be because of something like this:


We are seeing that the authoritarian left is just as bad as the authoritarian right….